10 Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know About

Many seniors remain in ignorance of the multiple discounts they can avail when they’re out spending money. You could save a significant amount on several purchases if you knew what discounts you’re entitled to.

Here are the top 10 discounts:

1.   Groceries

Several grocery stores offer senior discounts, which you must ask for while paying for your purchases. For example, Farm Fresh offers 5% discounts for fifty-five-year-olds and above on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while New Seasons Market offers a 10% discount for seniors every Wednesday.

Remember to verify the next time you’re out buying the groceries.

2.   Mortgage Rate Reduction

There is a free mortgage program that offers up to $3,120 savings for seniors annually. It would be best if you found out about the validity and eligibility of this program from your bank the next time you’re paying.

3.   Home Alarm Savings

Many Home Alarm companies offer a 10% discount for senior homeowners. The idea is to encourage every senior citizen to safeguard their property and lives with a reliable alarm system, more so because of their age-related vulnerability.

4.   Restaurant Meals

A lot of dine-outs offer discount deals and a certain percent of the entire bill for senior customers. From steak restaurants to fast food joints, there is usually a discount at the majority of places if you’re fifty-five years and above.

5.   Cruise Discounts

From all-inclusive travel options to exclusive deals for fifty-year-olds and above, many cruising companies worldwide offer discounts for seniors. You can luxuriate in the splendors of the sea at great deals as a senior, but only if you ask for your discount when you’re booking your trip next time.

6.   Medical Bill Discounts

Seniors require more treatments and doctor visits as they age, and many insurance companies offer discount cards. As a senior, you also receive hearing, vision, prescription drug, and dental coverage, all with a supplemental insurance plan.

You can avail some incredible medical benefits as a senior but do remember to ask for those.

7.   Brand Discounts

Stein Mart, Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Banana Republic, and Ross offer discounts for seniors. You need to be fifty years and above to shop on discounts at these fabulous places on designated days. However, it is best to verify each of these stores’ age eligibility before you go shopping with your old pals.

Many stores also offer a monthly Senior’s Day where you can avail 20% discounts on your membership cards, shop online, or other features.