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10 Fun Mother’s Day Activities to Do

For centuries, different parts of the world have celebrated mother’s day on different dates. On this day, you’ll want to make your birth giver and other motherly figures feel extra special. From getting lavish bouquets and cooking something special to getting your mom a new outfit, there’s a lot you can do on mother’s day.

Unfortunately, due to the surge of COVID19 cases, outdoor activities this mother’s day are limited.  But you can still do plenty of things to make your mom feel extra special on mother’s day. Mentioned below are some super fun mother’s day activities for the whole fam.

1.    Create a Scrapbook

Get a bit of art and crafts in the mix this mother’s day by making a scrapbook of old pictures with your mom’s help. This way, both of you, including your family, can reminisce on the good old days. It’s a great way to think about how every one changed, but your mom’s love stayed constant.

2.    Visit the Farmers Market

Plan a fantastic start to the day by planning a trip to the farmer’s market with your mom.

3.    Plant Flowers For A Day

If your mom enjoys gardening, all of your family members can get together and plant different flowers in a garden. Or go on a plantation drive to support a great cause.

4.    Have a Karaoke Night

Explore each other’s crazy voices by hosting a karaoke night at your place. Mothers love getting the whole family together, and this is the best way to do that.

5.    Have a Swim Day

Engage in water sports by going to the swimming pool with your mom. You can enroll in a water yoga class or just lounge in the pool together.

6.    Watch a Movie Together

Plan a movie night with the whole family, and watch a classic that your mom would love to watch.

7.    Have a Spa Day

Book appointments for manicures and pedicures at a luxurious salon, and spend a relaxing day with your mom.

8.    Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

You can arrange a scavenger hunt by gathering all your family members together. Have your mom prepare two lists of things to get done. Whichever team gets all the things on the list done first wins.

9.    Play a Board Game

On mother’s day, play a board game with the whole family. From Monopoly to Taboo, you can choose between plenty of options.

10.  Go on a Family Bike Ride

If your mother likes getting active, arrange for the family to go on a bike ride on mother’s day. To make her day special, decorate your mom’s bike by adding fresh flowers and a cute basket. After all, it’s her day, so she must stand out! After a bike ride, arrange a lovely picnic in the park, and make some beautiful memories.

Mother’s Day Takeaways

You can enjoy these 10 fun-filled mother’s day activities with the whole family. Now, you can make your mom feel like the queen she is. And yes, don’t forget to give her the tightest hug and tell her that she means the world to you. It’s not enough to dedicate just one day to your mother, but it will remind you to be grateful every day.