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10 Holiday Living Rooms We Want To Copy

There’s always room for improvement when you’re standing inside the most beautiful of places. Do you have the skills to identify which areas of your living room need improvements? If you don’t think you’re creative enough, here are some reliable holiday decoration ideas.

1.    Going Traditional on a Modern Landscape

You can try out some interesting traditional-like furniture items over your modern living room interior. Think of a wooden garland and wreaths stationed over a hand-cut Christmas tree in the corner of the room.

2.    Upholstering Living Room Walls

Bold artwork is one of the best techniques to accommodate a sense of celebration, especially during the holiday season in winter. However, don’t leave your living room wall unattended. You should improve it with suitable upholstery, such as leather, velvet, or vinyl.

3.    Creating Timeless Characteristics

If you’re a fan of simplicity, you’ll fall in love with this décor idea. Paint the living room with a bright white color to give off a timeless vibe. Incorporate metallic appliances or furniture to add a contemporary look to your room.

4.    Holding Onto an Off-White Plain Living Room

Painting the walls with subtle shades of off-white, along with traditional jute rugs and carpets around the house creates a solid impression for the holiday season in the most unconventional manner.

5.    Adjusting the Furniture

Adjust your furniture according to a holiday theme. For instance, make the coffee table a focal point for your living room since it is the Christmas holidays and winter season. Remove old books and place ornaments or planters that are perfect to match the ongoing season.

6.    Include a Blend of Different Shades Minimally

Even if your furniture remains the same color, you can try to blend in several different combinations to the walls and lampshades. Marigold shades and navy highlights could do just the trick for your matching interior décor.

7.    Chase an Eclectic Living Room Profile

You can play around with your accessories by placing oriental rugs suitable for sitting, standing, and walking around in the living room with a big comfy cushion. Keep the accessories to a minimum while including the light-colored rugs and carpets around the room.

8.    Accomplishing a Monochrome Profile for the Living Room

If you appreciate feminine energy and wish to accomplish an eye-capturing living room profile, you can incorporate Monochrome vibes. Try adding a unique crystal chandelier with shiny and bright accessories near the focal point to grab your guests’ attention.

9.    Paste a Wallpaper around the Living Room

There are no holds to what kind of wallpapers you can have in your living room. However, for a holiday impression, consider going for lively and cheerful wallpaper that resembles the rest of the room, including accessories and colors.

10.  Hanging Geometrical Paintings on the Walls

Geometrical patterns are bound to grab visitors’ and guests’ attention at first glance. They include intriguing shapes and designs that make a room look more complex than it actually is. But, be careful not to give your guests headaches with illusion-like pattern paintings.


Now, you can try out appealing changes to your living room without feeling too much work. In fact, try to include a combination of the above mentioned changes to elevate the décor and create a more eclectic ambiance for your house interior.