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10 Movies of 2021 to Look Forward to

Have you been desperately waiting for cinemas to spring into action and your screens to come back to life? 2021 is looking like an excellent year for movies, and we’re excited at the promising projects that are lining up backstage.

Here are the top ten movies you can look forward to this year:

1. Coming 2 America

This is a sequel to the American Classic ‘Coming to America.’ Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy will be starring in it, while the movie promises to be a worthwhile hilarious ride.

2. Raya and The Last Dragon

An animated original since Moana, Disney is all set to light your screens with a dramatic-looking adventure movie. Get ready for a thrilling ride with warriors and monsters this summer.

3. Justice League

Zack Synder will be releasing his new version this summer, with a completely new take on his superhero story.

4. Cherry

Cherry promises a much more intimate feel with Tom Holland as the young lead. Set in Iraq, this story is all about the army medic’s experiences and his opioid addiction.

5. Spiral

Chris Rock brings a glossy sheen to Saw horror’s relaunch titled ‘Delayed.’ You will get to see elaborate torture traps and Rock playing detective in this movie. Ultimately action and suspense-packed, this movie promises to be a captivating one.

6. Godzilla vs. Kong

This movie’s title is all the attention it needs. Yet if you want some more incentive, Godzilla, the King of Monsters from 2019, is returning for the crown. This one promises to be a jaw-dropping monster-mash, and you better now miss it.

7. Cruella

Disney will be lining up another of its animated classics, and Cruella promises to be as dramatic as Maleficent. We’ll be seeing Emma Stone’s obsession with the Dalmations in this one.

8. Mortal Kombat

This video-game series will release in a movie form this year. Producer James Wan is preparing to impress the audience with a couple of screen tricks this year, and who knows, we might just like the fighting saga this time around.

9. Fast & Furious

We can surely expect this one to be another blockbuster, with actor Sung Kang and Justin Lin’s return.

10. In The Heights

This is a Tony-winning adaptation that will be releasing somewhere in the summer of 2021. If you’re fascinated with outstanding choreography and high-energy dance numbers, then this film might live up to your expectations.