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10 Things To Do For a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are those where both partners work to keep the spark alive. When you know you’ve found your soulmate, you cannot expect the spark to be alive and the relationship to sustain itself without your contribution.

It is the simplest things you do to touch each other’s hearts that keep your relationship healthy, your bond strong, and your spark alive. This week, here are ten things you can do to strengthen your relationship.

1. Take Him/her Down Memory Lane

Do you remember how his/her heart fluttered when you first dated, with the long conversations, sizzling chemistry, an uncontrollable desire to be with each other always? If you remember one that thing that made your partner feel all this when you first met, do that thing this week.

Whether it was dressing up for them, planning a candlelight dinner for two, or a stroll under the stars, whatever it was, do it this week.

2. Plan ‘US’ Time

Have kids and life’s responsibilities keep you both too busy to spend time with each other. You’ll feel too tired to make a concerted effort to spend an evening all by yourselves. Arrange a nanny, clear your schedules and go for a long, romantic drive, or just plan a date at home. Rekindle that spark.

3. Just Talk

Have you stopped communicating as you once used to? Then make time this week just to talk and talk your heart away. Schedule a time for both, be there, and listen. Ask questions as your partner unloads and share all you have bottled up inside too.

4. Read With Your Partner

Do something meaningful together, such as reading. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life together builds a stronger bond and creates a healthy relationship. Imagine how much you both will have to share with each other after your reading session.

5. Plan a Treat for Your Hardworking Partner

Has your partner been working too hard lately without a break? Plan a treat to relax them this week. It could be a spa booking, a lavish dinner, or just a soak in the tub. Facilitate them to show you care about them.

6. Check-in With Your Partner

Has it been too long since you checked in with your partner regarding the different aspects of your relationships and lives? Try to catch up after work or when the kids are busy to discuss topics like housework, workload, financial management, future plans, etc.

7. Order a Bouquet and a Card

Sometimes, we fail to appreciate others for all the input they’re putting into the relationship. This week, make it a point to gift your partner a bouquet with a card to thank them for all that they do for you and the house.

8. Help with a House Chore

It’s not fair for one partner to handle all the home chores even if they’re not working in an office. It feels great to do simple home chores together because it shows you care for each other’s burdens.

9. Redefine Intimacy

If you have let all the pressures, stress, and responsibility of life decrease your intimacy, it is time to five that. No matter how busy your schedules may be, make time to discuss with your partner how you two can redefine your intimacy.

10. Shift Focus

Have your differences drive you two apart or distant lately? Address that issue this week. Discuss how you two can accept and acknowledge each other’s differences and work your way around them.