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11 Popular Pandemic Home Improvement Projects

Are you done sitting idle during the pandemic? We have eleven most popular home improvement projects to share with you. Perhaps you’d get the inspiration to make your time more interesting as the pandemic subsides and you home will get a fancy makeover too.

1. Fencing

Fencing is an ideal way of creating an impressive outdoor living space. You can add more definition to your outdoor area plus increase privacy with this home improvement project. The best part is that this upgrade is achievable in $100 or even less.

2. Exterior Upgrades

The pandemic has also seen 86% increase in exterior updates. So if you’re looking for a striking home improvement task, opt for landscaping or some exterior painting. The average cost for this will be around $2,960 for the exterior paint while landscaping may cost you $3,423 on an average.

3. Bathroom Remodeling

The other most popular pandemic home improvement trend has been bathroom remodels. If we’re to spend more time at home, it only makes more sense to have bathrooms where we can have a spa like or at least luxurious experience each time. At an average, bathroom remodels can cost around $10, 778.

4. Interior Painting

During the pandemic, home interiors have been seeing a lot of fancy makeovers too and are a relatively economical upgrade. If you’re planning an eye-catching transformation for your home, you could paint your interiors at an average cost of $2,007.

5. New Flooring

The next best pandemic home renovation trend is new flooring. The average costs of replacing worn-out wood, tiles or carpets are $4,680.

6. Kitchen Makeovers

During the pandemic thus far, 43% of homeowners have upgraded their kitchens, if your kitchen is approximately $150 square per foot, then you’d have to spend around $25, 544 on this home improvement project.

7. Remodeling the Living Room

Are you bored of your tired and dill-looking living room? So were 38% of other home owners too who utilized the pandemic free time to transform the highlight of their house. Renovating a living room costs an average of $2,050 to $3,150.

8. Upgrade Your Entryway

The entryway is among the first impressions of your home and it is only right to invest on upgrading it. Just like other homeowners, who spend an average of $509 in giving their entryways a fancier and newer look during the pandemic.

9. Make Your Bedroom Look New

Primary bedrooms have been the most lived-in during the pandemic and perhaps why more homeowners revamped these. Upgrading a basic bedroom during this time can cost your around $880 to $2,300.

10. Dining Rooms Upgrade

Since we’re no longer eating out at restaurants, home owners thought they create a fine dining ambience right at home. Dining room upgrades have been trending since the pandemic and cost an average of $12,000 for refurnishing.

11. Basement Upgrades

The pandemic is a good opportunity to make use of your fabulous spacious basement, if you haven’t done it before. Take cue from the 13% home owners who thought make their basement an appealing hangout was a good idea for surviving the social-distancing time.

This home renovation project will cost you $20,428 on an average.