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12 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

June is almost here which means preparations for Pride month celebrations are in full swing. How are you planning to honor the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in your vicinity? If you haven’t made plans yet, here are top 20 ways in which you can celebrate Pride Month this year.

1. Charity Fundraiser

One of the best ways of celebrating Pride Month is by either organizing a charity fundraiser or participating in one this year. The initiative will ensure your money goes to worthy contribution and that you’re making a genuine impact on this important segment of society.

By organizing a charity fundraiser, you’d also unite your workforce under a noble cause and raising awareness.

2. Ally and Activist

Another great way of celebrating this important event in a meaningful way is by becoming ally or activist for the LGBT community. You’d get to advocate for their rights, being a listener to their stories and playing an essential part in supporting the LGBT community. If nothing else, you can at least raise your voice to put an end to the derogatory remarks and anti-LGBT jokes.

3. Pride Parade

Many popular events, parades and festivals happen to celebrate the Pride Month. You can participate in or attend one this year.

4. Inclusion Workshop

You can host one for your workforce or conduct a hands-on training session to teach about LGBT equality and inclusion. This would be a step ahead in ensure your LGBT employees, peers, colleagues etc. get equal rights and benefits in the organization and more inclusivity.

5. Flag Art

If you want to celebrate the Pride Month in a way in which your children can particularly participate and learn, then making rainbow flag art is a great idea. You could make posters, dream catchers, banners, jewelry pieces of even rainbow headbands with them.

6. Design Pride Month Outfits

You could organize a fun event within your company. Gather the workforce and have them design t-shirts or any garment piece to honor the LGBT community.

7. Revise the Inclusion Policies

If you are an employer, the Pride Month is a great opportunity to improve diversity and discrimination policies of your organization. Make improvements and changes where necessary or introduce new constitutional rules to encourage inclusivity and equality for the LGBT employees.

8. Donate For Pride Month

Run a donation drive in your neighborhood or company and encourage the people to raise money for a foundation that serves the LGBT community.

9. Decorate

You could decorate your home, office, backyard, front yard, driveway etc. with rainbow banners and flags. It will show your solidarity with the LGBT and raise awareness for them too.

10. LGBT Seminar

You could organize a simple seminar in your backyard, the neighborhood park etc. for young kids and teens to talk about inclusiveness, gender identity and homosexuality with the young. Raise a healthy discussion that honors the LGBT men and women.

11. Advocate

Take an oath to advocate for the Pride peoples network. Take a step forward in creating an inclusive and safe neighborhood, workplace and society for the LGBT community.

12. LGBT Speaker

One excellent way of raising awareness this Pride Month is to engage a bureau to send an LGBT speak to your company or neighborhood. The orators will shed light on the struggles of LGBT people and their lives and raise awareness.