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13 Ways to Get the Relationship You Want

Searching for a way to bring a spark in your relationship again? Or want to work on your relationship once you find a partner? Or do you want to find a date for yourself? If so, you can use the following methods to bring intimacy to your relationship with your partner or future partner.

1. Let’s Get Cozy

Physical touch is the key to a perfect relationship. Yes, it includes sex, but it is much more than that. Give your Bae a rub on the back, hug them, hold their hand, and offer a massage. Physical touch releases oxytocin, which makes you feel closer to your partner.

2. Say Sorry In Your Relationship

We all mess up in life and say things that we regret later. We may also do things that we shouldn’t. But it happens. What you need to do is to admit your mistakes instead of blaming others.

3. Listen to Your Partner

It is the most important thing. LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNER – can’t emphasize more. Ask them about their experiences and other things, and show interest in them. If you are one of those who only complain about their day, you need to learn some empathy and listening skills.

4. Avoid the Mr. and Miss Perfect Thinking

Drop the perfectionism idea as nobody is perfect. You need to stop expecting your partner to be perfect in every way. Additionally, stop generalizing and personalizing your partner’s action. Think about them as humans who can make mistakes.

5. Don’t Stop Doing Old Things

As the months and years pass, we tend to stop making efforts that we usually do in the first year of dating. We lose our gentleness, patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness. So, think about the starting dating days, and write about the things that you should start doing for your partner.

6. Ask for What Your Partner Wants

Over time, people assume that they know everything about their partner and vice versa. This leads to fights and misunderstandings. Try to communicate with your partner and ask their view about everything, even if you think you know what they want.

7. Check-In Every Week

Make it a ritual to check in once a week. Discuss what has worked and what hasn’t. Plus, discuss what improvements you can make in the coming week. In the same discussion, plan a date night, talk about what you want to see happening in the coming week, and ask them what they are looking forward to.

8. Be Creative in the Time You Spend Together

Make a time to have a movie or dinner night. If you don’t want to go outside, arrange a wonderful date at your house. You can go hiking, cycling, fishing, and anything that is thrilling. Enjoying a good time together can help you improve your relationship.

9. Don’t get Distracted Because of Your Packed Schedule

Daily responsibilities of family and work can drain all your energy. You might don’t have any energy left to hear your partner. Try to be mentally present at home when you are with your partner. When you reach home, forget about the work until the next day.

10. Fight the Right Way

Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can fight with your life partner but in the right way. The conflict is not the problem. The actual problem is your attitude towards the situation. Every person has different options. This is why you both will fight at some point. However, try to listen and understand each other’s perspective and then make a decision together.

11. Ask About Your Partner’s Day

People think it is outdated, but it is not. Asking about the day is the best way to show that you are interested in what your partner does. It also shows that you want to know more about them, rather than complaining about your day.

12. Be More Affectionate With Your Partner

You may not feel the passion that you once did at the beginning of your dating. However, you both can still maintain affection for each other. Do things unexpectedly, like kiss hands, hug each other, hold hands, and say good night and good morning.

13. Learn Your Partner’s Stress Pattern

Every person feels stress about something. If you learn what things can negatively impact your partner’s mood, you can try to avoid doing them. Plus, if there is something that you don’t like and feel stressed about, make sure to tell your partner about it. You both can stop doing things that can be stressful for each other.

Bottom Line

Maintaining a good relationship is not that easy. You need to think about your needs as well as the desires of your partner. When you have a relationship that is fulfilling for both of you, you both will feel more attraction and affection towards each other.