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15 Binge-Worthy Podcasts for your Summer Trip

As much as we look forward to summer trips, especially road trips, the long hours of travel can drive us insane. But not anymore, thankfully.

Here are top 15 binge-worthy podcasts that will make your summer trips a lot more fun.

1. Ologies

Alie Ward is the host of this podcast and is a science correspondent as well as a writer. She interviews people from all professions and every podcast packs tons of humour, entertainment and information. You will find a range of topics to entertain you every moment of your trip.

2. Accused

Who doesn’t enjoy a spookiness factor in an adventurous trip? We all do and this podcast is sure to satisfy your yearnings for an exciting crime story.

3. The Habitat

This is a giant from the podcast world and you cannot find more binge-worthy podcasts for your trip. These podcasts are the auto diaries of six people that NASA chooses to stimulate life on Mars. Of you want a taste of just how human life would feel on Mars, let this podcast be your guide.

4. The Thing About Pam

This podcast features a nail-biting mystery. The story dates in 2011 when Russ Faria finds his wife stabbed to death on returning home, two days after Christmas. The story makes you sit on the edge in anticipation each moment as the husband faces the murder charge typically and have to prove his innocence while avenging his wife.

5. Ear Hustle

This is a non-fiction podcast featuring the life inside a prison. You will enjoy a range of humorous, funny, intimate and heart warming stories in this one.

6. Uncivil

Uncivil dissects the civil wars are journalists Chenjerai Kumanyika and Jack Hitt take us back to where the division began in America.

7. Travel Tales by AFAR

This podcast is a fun compilation of stories of people who took trips around the world and came home transformed from the journey. Who knows, you might find some inspiration for your trip too.

8. Limetown

This podcast is a narration by Lia Haddock who explores a nerve-wracking mystery in a tiny town of Tennessee.

9. Outside Podcast

This is a weekly podcast that features a world of stories relating to endurance athletes, epic rescues and the science of survival.

10. You’re Wrong About

Two journalists host this podcast, diving deep into people and events of the past, how they were presented or misrepresented to the world.

11. Office Ladies

This podcast is a rewatch ride of the famous sitcom, The Office.

12. To Live And Die In LA

An author and journalist host this podcast and takes you through the mystery disappearance of Adea, a 25 years old actress.

13. Running From Cops

The main character in this podcast dives into the longtime fandome of his famous reality shows ‘COPS’.

14. Dying for Sex

This podcast features a conversation between two best friends about friendships, relationships, sex and even death. You will surely experience and endorphin rush with this one.

15. TED Radio Hour

This podcast is an exploration of the big ideas of TED speakers.