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15 Books If You Love The Queen & The Royal Family

Do you love to read about the British Royal Family and their secretive lives? To satisfy your curiosity about the most famous monarchs in the world, here’s a list of 15 books that you must read if you’re a fan of the Royal Family.

1. The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe

The book is all about life inside Buckingham Palace. Coming from the perspective of Queen Elizabeth’s dresser of 25 years, this book covers royal fashion.

2. HRH

While discussing one outfit after another, the author takes the reader through a journey from post-WWII to Megxit. The book talks about four of the most iconic Royal Family women.

3. Before the Crown

If you love reading romance novels, this book should be on the top of your list. It highlights and imagines a setting in which Princess Elizabeth meets Philip for marriage.

4. Buckingham Palace

From an interior designer who is also an artist, this book is a vivid description and guide to Buckingham Palace. This book plans the perfect illustrations for Royal Family fans.

5. Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret

Encompassing the possible aspects and imaginable outcomes of Queen’s sister’s life, this book is one of the most popular Royal biographies on the internet.

6. Queen Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Love Story

If you’re interested in the background of the Royal Family, try out this book that covers the love story of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth with some rare Royal Family photos.

7. Lady in Waiting

This book dramatically showcases the life of those in the inner circle of the Royal Family. It outlines the life of Anne Glenconner, befriending Princess Margaret and the Queen.

8. Matriarch

If you have spent enough time learning about what’s happening in the Royal Family these days, you’re probably curious about the family’s history. Here’s a book about Queen Elizabeth’s dear biological mother.

9. The Royal Family

Do you wonder if certain events actually took place? Read this amazing book that tells shocking details about some of the most memorable events involving the royal family.

10. Finding Freedom

Swift through this attention-grabbing book’s pages to learn about the events leading up to Meghan and Harry’s departure from the Royal Palace.

11. Elizabeth the Queen

Find out more about the life of Queen Elizabeth as a modern-day monarch in this book.

12. Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

What do you know about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? Read this book to learn how Meghan met Harry in the author’s words.

13. Snowdon

Dive into the details of Princess Margaret’s husband’s life and how he tackled issues during his time with the Royal Family.

14. The Windsor Knot: The Queen

This novel series involves Queen Elizabeth and tracks the journey of her solving a murder mystery that took place surprisingly at a supper event.

15. The Duke

Right before the passing of Prince Philip, this book gained popularity as it outlined and covered the eccentricities of his life.


These 15 books can surely add to your fandom for the Royal Family. Consider reading them according to your interests and preferences to learn things about the Royal Family that you didn’t know before. Some of the books are also part of a series, so they have sequels as well!