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15 Edible Gifts to Send to Your Friends This Holiday

Who doesn’t love to indulge in sweet treats during the holidays? Of course, everyone does! And who doesn’t love to receive gifts on Christmas? Everyone loves it! Be it a chewy chocolate cookie, or Santa-shaped candies, Christmas is not Christmas without all the delicious edibles. Let’s have a look at 15 edible gifts to send to your friends this holiday season:

1.   Madeleine Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

The sweet, airy treats covered in chocolates can be the perfect edible gift for your friend. Add some edible red sprinkles on top, and you are good to go!

2.   Christmas-Shaped Cookies

Cookies shaped like Santa, stars, Christmas trees, or gingerbread men can never grow old. They are a favorite of both children and adults and even pets!

3.   Cream and Ginger Sandwich Cookies

Combine cookies and cream to form a delicious sandwich! This will be a hit among your friends.

4.   Chocolate Granola Bark

In most cases, granola is a high-fiber protein bar, but add in some chocolate, and it becomes much more exciting. The pistachios in the bark add a fine flavor, too!

5.   Jam-Filled Cookies

Jam and cookies are the perfect Christmas combo! Bake different shapes of cookies, add the delicious strawberry jam, and combine them together to make a sandwich. Delicious written all over it!

6.   Santa Spoons

Create Santa spoons with cocoa and marshmallows. These frosty spoons look adorable in a gift package and taste delicious with hot chocolate!

7.   Pretzels

This salty-sweet treat becomes tastier when dipped in chocolate. Add multi-color sprinkles on top to give them a Christmassy feel.

8.   Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Nobody has ever said no to Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Your friends will never stop munching, especially with the gooey chocolatey goodness inside. Wrap them beautifully and put a red bow on top to complete the Christmassy feel.

9.   Milk Mug Mixers

Make use of those beautiful vintage spoons this Christmas. Put frosted chocolate on the spoons and wrap them in cellophane. The chocolate will melt when you mix it in hot milk. A delicious warm drink by the fireplace!

10.  Homemade Jams

Homemade jams never go wrong. Make seasonal flavored jams, and package the jar. Add in a baguette or two to complete the gift for your friends.

11.  Eggnog Mix

The ultimate Christmas drink cum pancake mix. Pack eggnog mix in jars and add a cute little note around them. Your friends will love it and who knows they invite you over for breakfast to enjoy!

12. Crunchy Popcorns

Make caramel-covered crunchy popcorn, and send it over to your friends. The simple, yet yummy snack makes up for the Christmas movie night. Pack them up in tins for a beautiful presentation.

13. Nut Biscotti

This almond chocolatey biscuit is the perfect snack for the holidays. It is not very sweet and a good munching partner. Put them in jar containers and add a bow to make it a beautiful gift.

14. Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

 Clusters are one of the easiest holiday gifts you can give to your friends. You can make them with two to three ingredients only, depending on what you want to add. Your friend can also keep them in the fridge for up to a month.

15. Mini Cheesecakes

A cookie-based cheesecake will light up your friends for sure! This tiny wonderful treat has its own pleasantness. Don’t forget to top it up with a yummy blueberry sauce.

You can come up with lots of edible gifts to send to your friends during the holidays. Make sure to present them beautifully and make their holidays even better!