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15 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Own

Moving into your own place for the first time can be exciting and stressful. Making a list of all the things you might need when moving can be overwhelming. It’s often the simplest and most useful thing we forget. We might also not realize we need something until after the fact. Getting some of these tools will make sure you are prepared for any situation in your new home.

1. Flashlight

Hopefully, your power never goes out, but you never know what could happen. Keeping a flashlight in the house will give you a way to have some light in the case of power outages.

2. Duct Tape

Duct tape is known for being able to fix anything. It can be used to make temporary fixes while you want a professional to come and permanently repair the problem. It can also be used to tape pipes to keep them from bursting or leaking water.

3. Plunger

Sometimes this one is needed in a pinch and unless you thought of it ahead of time, you might find yourself stuck without one. They can be used to unclog sinks or toilets. They will often fix the problem very quickly and effectively.

4. Tape Measure

You never know when you might need to measure something. Tape measures are more versatile because they can measure larger areas including rooms and walls. This can help if you are installing something or doing another home project.

5. Safety Glasses

These can be used in cases of emergencies or if you need to mix chemicals. They can also be used when you are using a power tool.

6. Screwdriver Set

A small one and a large one are good ideas because they can reach every size area. Manual ones are also less likely to damage screws.

7. Wire Cutters

These can cut through wires and maybe even small nails depending on the quality of the pair.

8. Safety Mask

Paints can sometimes be toxic. So, if you are painting your home, you might need to wear a safety mask. They can also be worn if you are in a dusty or dirty environment.

9. Claw Hammer

You can use this to drive and remove nails. Make sure to get them in a variety of sizes.

10. Torpedo Level

This can help you hang paintings and another décor in a straight line making your home look more elegant.

11. Hacksaw Tool

You can use this tool to cut through metal objects like bolts and brackets.

12. Caulking Gun

This is great for sealing up cracks and gaps you may have in your structure.

13. Wrench Tool

This is great for tightening bolts or fixing pipes. Consider getting an adjustable one.

14. Pliers

This can help you pull out nails and bolts. Make sure to get one with flat and curved areas.

15. Wrench Sets

This gives you an open and closed loop. This lets you use remove bolts that are standard and metric sizes.