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15 Ways to Celebrate Yourself That Cost No Money

Taking care of yourself and celebrating yourself is crucial to optimizing your mental and physical health. Some people don’t practice self-care because they think it has to be expensive.

Try these 15 ways of taking care of yourself that are absolutely free.

1. Write down your achievements

At the end of each week, write down everything you accomplished. These can be personal achievements or professional ones. This a perfect way to celebrate yourself and all that you have accomplished!

2. Organize your home

Cleaning out an old closet or room in your house can make you feel like you unburdened yourself. Take a few hours to organize and clean.

3. Get outside and celebrate

Being outside can make you feel like a new person. Spend a few hours reading, hiking, or just being in the sun.

4. Make a playlist

Create a playlist of songs that make you feel good and motivated. Listen to it every time you get something done.

5. Make a fancy meal for yourself

Use food you already have in your house to treat yourself to a fancy meal. If you don’t like to cook, make yourself a fancy coffee drink.

6. Journal about yourself

Write down things you have done lately that you are proud of. Look to the future and list some things you want to accomplish within the next few weeks or months.

7. Celebrate your brain

Celebrate your intelligence by learning a new skill. This can be done by downloading a language learning app or by listening to podcasts or Ted talks to get inspired.

8. Learn a new hobby

Many hobbies can be done at home and online for free. Try to think of something simple you have always wanted to do. Maybe it’s yoga and you can watch and practice free yoga videos.

9. Celebrate someone else

What better way to celebrate yourself than by celebrating a friend or family member? Send flowers to someone you know who just achieved something. Invite them over for a movie or walk to spend time talking with them.

10. Read a book

Taking time to finish that book you’ve had sitting around can make you feel like you did something productive. Ask to borrow a book from a friend if you want to, this way you’re not spending money.

11. Get up for the sunrise

Rising early can make you feel accomplished and productive. Spending some time outdoors at the beginning of the day also makes the rest of your day peaceful.

12. Make a routine

People who follow routines often get more done. This will give you more time to celebrate yourself.

13. Do an at-home spa day

Use cosmetic items you already have around the house and make a spa day for yourself.  You could take a warm bath or do a face mask. This is a perfect self-care day.

14. Get away from the phone

You don’t have to be on someone’s radar all the time. Set the phone down and think about yourself. You deserve to celebrate you!

15. Take a nap

Celebrate your day or morning by resting and spending some time alone.