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19 Scary TV Shows To Watch Before Halloween

Now that fall is here, people can’t stop talking about the fall festivals and everything there is to do now that the weather is getting colder. Along with pumpkins, warm drinks, and hayrides, many people are also looking forward to Halloween.

To get yourself prepared for the Halloween holiday, you might be looking for some new scary shows out there to get yourself into the spooky spirit. Check out some of these following shows before Halloween gets here!

1. Brand New Cherry Flavor

Rose Salizer plays the starring role who moves to LA for the first time to direct her first film. Some in the industry betray her and she finds herself in a world of zombies, cats, and curses.

2. Dark

This show has 3 seasons and can be streamed on Netflix. It’s about a town where children keep going missing. Follow each family and the dark secrets that hold the families together.

3. Lovecraft Country

Stream the first season on HBO Max. Follow a black family as they road trip across Jim Crow America and unearth the darkest terrors of 20th century America.

4. 30 Coins

This Spanish show on HBO Max uncovers the supernatural mysteries of a town in Spain that involve a strange coin that could be one of the 30 pieces of Silver that Judas used to betray Jesus. 

5. Wellington Paranormal

Streaming on HBO Max and CW, this New Zealand show follows two police officers in a Ghost Hunters style show.

6. Castlevania

Follow a young woman who falls in Love with Dracula and then is later burned by church leaders. Find out if Dracula gets his revenge for losing his lost love in this show on Netflix.

7. Folklore

Folklore is a Japanese horror film on HBO Max. Each episode is a little different because it uses different directors and actors.

8. Ghoul

This miniseries on Netflix is a dystopian show about an intense ruling regime and a terrorist capture who turns the tables. There are many supernatural elements.

9. The Outsider

The Outsider on HBO Max stars Jason Bateman and is based on a Stephen King book.

10. Castle Rock

Watch both seasons on Hulu. It has everything from cults, Stephen King elements, and other spooky elements.

11. Kingdom

This is a South Koran zombie show on Netflix.

12. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This is a spin of the famous Sabrina the Teenage Witch storyline. She faces cannibalism, human sacrifice, and blood rituals.

13. Slasher

Watch all four seasons on Netflix. Each story tells the story of a serial killer and their victims.

14. The Terror

Watch on Hulu. It’s based on a Dan Simmons novel and is based in the World War II era.

15. The Haunting of Hill House

This miniseries reinvests the 1963 film by the same name.

16. Stan Against Evil

This is a funny and scary show on Hulu. It stars John C. McGinley.

17. Swamp Thing

This show is gorier and is on CW. It stars James Wan and is about a DCD doctor investigating a new virus.

18. Servant

Watch this on Apple TV+ and follow a family as a doll in their house comes back to life.

19. Creepshow

Watch on Prime Video. They are short and entertaining episodes.