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20 Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family

Memorial Day is a day when you have a chance to honor those soldiers who sacrificed their lives while serving in the US military. Here are some Memorial Day activities for your whole family to show that you acknowledge and remember the service members who died to protect us.

1. Go for virtual Tour of the White House

If you live far from the capital, you can still visit the White House. You can use Google Arts and Culture for a virtual tour of the White House with your family.

2. Listen to Veterans’ Stories

While celebrating Memorial Day, you can also honor the living veterans. You and your family can sit together in the living room and watch some documentaries highlighting the services of veterans.

3. Craft Memorial Day Poppy

This is one of the best Memorial Day activities. You and your family can make them together to wear them as a sign of remembrance of the deceased soldiers.

4. Say a Prayer

Memorial Day is all about appreciating the services of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives while serving in the military. Take some time and say a prayer for those who have served your country.

5. Phone a Veteran You Know

If you have veterans in your family or friend, call them to say thanks for their dedicated services. They will feel appreciated and happy.

6. Visit a Veteran’s Cemetery

You can visit a cemetery with your family to pay your respect to the men and women who died in service to our country. You can place flowers and flags on their graves to say thank you.

7. Volunteer for Others

The best way to understand their services is to spend a day serving others. You and your family can join an organization to help people.

8. Try a Craft

You can make your children understand the importance of this day by involving them in a patriotic craft session. Make a couple of decorative items in the color of blue, white, and red as a Memorial Day activity.

9. Handmade Patriotic Shirts

This is the best activity to perform with your entire family. You can paint blue and white flowers or the flag of our country on a T-Shirt. After that, you can wear them and do other activities of the day.

10. Popsicle Stick Flag

It is a clever and easy idea to involve your kids in a Memorial Day fun activity. Once they make these flags, you can place them anywhere visible in your house.

11. Read and Discuss American History

Before doing any activity, teach your kids about our nation’s history and the reason to celebrate this day.

12. Attend a Parade

Attend a Memorial Day parade with your family. It will be the best experience for your entire family.

13. Visit the Family of a Fallen Soldier

You can visit a family who has lost someone in the war and thank them. It is a good way to show that you remember and acknowledge their sacrifice.

14. Take a Moment of Silence

It does not matter where you live, take a moment of silence with your family member at 3 pm. After this, you can send your thanks to the fallen.

15. Watch the Memorial Day Concert

Another way to celebrate this day is to watch the Memorial Day concert with your family. You can watch it on TV or attend the concert personally.

16. Watch a Patriotic Movie

If you want to know more about the stories of brave men and women, you can watch a patriotic movie. Make sure to pick the one that is based on actual stories.

17. Throw a Themed Zoom Potluck

You can throw a Zoom potluck to meet your extended family by maintaining social distancing. Ask everyone to show their preparations for the day and pay your respect to the fallen.

18. Host a Patriotic Party

If you have veterans in your neighborhood, you can host a virtual patriotic party. Ask them to join you on Zoom and remember the sacrifices of the soldiers who died while serving our country, and know their stories.

19. Fly a Flag

You can show your respect and gratitude by hanging Old Glory in your front yard. Make sure to follow the US Flag Code guidelines.

20. Create Patriotic Chalk Art

Create chalk art with your kids. You can chalk our flag or just write “thanks to veterans” using sidewalk chalk.

Bottom Line

No matter what Memorial Day activities you do, just make sure to involve veterans’ families. This is the best way to celebrate this day. You must also make sure your whole family participates in these activities and appreciate the services of the fallen.