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4 Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

You need a credit card.  You know your credit is not in the best shape but is anybody perfect? Maybe you’ve looked into getting one in the past only to be asked to pay an insane deposit for a “secured” card.  But are those the only type of credit cards you can get?

Of course not.  There are some great options for “regular” unsecured cards, even for those with bad credit.

The Best Credit Cards For Credit Scores Below 650

1.     Capital One Platinum Credit Cards

Why? It’s great for building credit.

This card is an excellent option for building credit because Capital One automatically reviews your account at six months.  As long as you make all of the payments “on time,” it is easy to get a higher credit limit.  You get an instant boost to your credit score so long as you don’t use too much of that higher limit. 

Also, Capital One is known for extra benefits. You’ll never have to buy that extended warranty on electronics.  The one downside is there is no cashback.

2.     Capital One Quicksilver One Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Why? This one gives you rewards.

It gives you unlimited 1.5% cashback on everything.  You can easily earn back the annual fee and more. You also get all of those other advantages Capital One offers.

Be aware that this one does have slightly higher credit standards than the others. It is an excellent choice if you have already started the journey back from “bad” credit.

3.    Petal 2 Visa Credit

Why? There are no fees.

Once your credit score drops, annual fees are usually automatic.  With Petal, there are no yearly fees.  What’s more impressive is that they don’t charge any other fees either. There are no late payment fees, over the spending limit fees, returned payments fees,  or any other fees. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s interest-free, but if your trying to adjust to living with credit cards, this no fees policy is a huge benefit.

It also offers some cashback features.  You start with 1% back on all purchases and graduate to 1.5% once you’ve made 12 payments on time.  They even look at more than just the simple credit score for approval. This makes Petal perfect for those without credit or credit history.

4.     Deserve Pro Mastercard

Why? It has more rewards.

Not only does this card give you unlimited 1% cashback on your purchases, but it also offers bonus rewards categories.  You can earn 3% back on any travel purchases and 2% back on dining purchases.  Just remember that you can only get the bonus rewards for the first $500.

As you can see, unsecured credit card options do exist for those with bad credit scores.  These are far from the only four cards available for this range of credit scores.  Keep a careful eye on interest rates and annual fees anytime you are shopping for an unsecured card, regardless of your credit score.