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4 Of Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Whether it is the halftime show or commercial, super bowl officials know how to promote and rank their event. Below, you will find some popular Super Bowl commercials that many people love:

1.    Golden Memories by Lays

When Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are together, it is hard to produce something that is not funny. Let’s take this Super Bowl Lay’s commercial. This two-minute advertisement is an example of their comedy level. In this advertisement, Rogan and Rudd recall the good times they shared. Although this might not sound funny, both actors made people laugh.

They shared a memory about a plane crash, a road trip, and getting kidnapped. They also discussed the time when Rogan moved into a haunted house and got into a turf war. In the middle of every scene, they sit outside Rogan’s wedding ceremony while eating Lay’s.

2.     Mind Reader by Amazon

This 90-second ad features Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson. The advertisement explains what would happen when Alexa started to read our minds. The punchline of this ad is, life will become a nightmare, especially for couples living together. In this ad, Alexa became an omniscient genie and read Scarlett’s and Colin’s thoughts, and implemented it in different ways.

This advertisement looks like another episode of Black Mirror with a comedic angle. The screenwriter did an incredible job with the writing. In a scene, Colin watches Scarlett creating a dramatic scene about an upcoming show. She tells Colin that the show is opening on March 8. Alexa chimes in and sets a reminder for his death on March 8.

3.     Zeus & Hera by BMW

This 60-second Super Bowl ad is a masterpiece with a vision that Gods go to Palm Springs when they retire. This BMW advertisement features Arnold Schwartzenegger and Salma Hayek. They played the role of Zeus and Hera. They moved to a resort town in Southern California. But, Zeus gets bored of his new life and recalls his golden days.

Zeus becomes so frustrated from life that he causes a blackout in a city. But, one day when he took “Peggy” the mini-pegasus to a walk, he found that Hera gifted him an electric BMW IX. This is another example of promoting by introducing A-list celebrities. This is a remarkable technique to market a brand.

4.     The New Frontier by Salesforce

This New Frontier advertisement by Salesforce diverts the audience’s attention from the modern space race and metaverse to the Earth. It explains that when we have so much to fix on this Earth why to move to another planet or virtual universe. Salesforce features Matthew McConaughey and the ad starts with a view of the cosmos and brings the viewers back to the Earth as we see it from space. This ad gives a celestial and expansive vibe and perfectly fits the star of Interstellar.