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4 Things I Learned From My First Year as a Mom

Every mom will surely agree that the first year of parenthood is a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. From taking your precious child for the first time in your arms to enduring nights of feeding, diaper changes and whatnot, there’s a world of education that unveils in the first year as a mom.

Here are four things that I learnt in the first year as a mom.

1.    Listen to Other Mom’s Experience

We tend to brush off advices as clichés but sometimes, it is good to pay heed to them, especially if you’re a first mom. You never know when an experienced mom’s advice may come to your aid, especially in terms of your baby’s diet, the process of teething, and a thousand things in between.

Also, while you may feel flustered and frustrated at all times, but when someone tells you to enjoy each moment of it, pay attention. Before you know it, your baby is all grown up and if you’ve spent their special moments complaining about having too much to do, you’ve missed their important developmental stage.

2.    Speak up

As a first mom, I always thought I had to pretend to be happy at all times because really, what can be a bigger joy than becoming a mom? While that is certainly true, it is also a proven fact that feeling overwhelmed in early motherhood is natural and normal.

If you feel cranky, angered, are having mood swings or just need everyone to give you space as a new mom, do not hesitate from speaking up. It will prevent a massive break down or emotional explosion from occurring later.

3.    Use your Discretion

Yes, I know I told you to pay attention to clichés. This may mean listening to tales of every mother in your circle and it’s good to do that. But when it comes to nurturing your child, you must use your discretion and not rely solely on the experience of others, even if it’s your own mom or mom-in-law.

Every child is born unique and a mother understands their needs best. Hence, if a certain advice is not working well for your child, adapt things to what works for the two of you.

Take pieces of advice that will serve you from the stories other moms share, but what is not helpful you can happily trash out.

4.    As a New Mom, Ask For Help or Take it if Offered

As moms, I know we all believe we have to be super humans and we have to do EVERYTHING. But you can be taking out the garbage on time, keeping hot meals ready at the table for the family, remembering schedules, decoding cries and figuring why the rash is happening, all on your own.

If your partner or other family members are willing to help or you think will gladly pitch in, ask for it. It doesn’t matter if things are not done how you want them for a while; remember, once you are past through the difficult early motherhood days, you can resume your duties completely.