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5 Home Improvement Projects to Boost Resale Value

Are you planning to sell your starter home and want to raise its value so you can buy your dream home? Are you trying to flip a fixer upper you recently purchased as an investment? If so, keep reading for the best home improvement projects.

We have four home improvement projects for property owners looking to increase their house resale value. Whether you plan to sell immediately or sometime in the future, we are confident that the following these home improvement projects can make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and valuable.

Install Energy Efficient Products

From Houston to Milwaukee, a well-insulated home makes a huge difference in your energy bills. Therefore, many people seek out homes built with energy efficiency in mind. If your home is especially old and drafty, you need to consider replacing your doors and windows before selling your home.

If the siding has seen better days, we recommend that you upgrade the exterior as well. Not only does this increase your home’s curb appeal, but insulated siding makes your home much more comfortable inside. The same can be said for insulated roofing as well.

That’s not all!

You can also make your home more attractive and valuable with new appliances. Though some homeowners choose to take their appliances with them, many buyers love when they stay, especially if they are energy efficient. You can use this as an excuse to replace your washer, stove, or refrigerator!

Renovate Your Kitchen

Speaking of stoves, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to many buyers. It’s the place where they prepare all their meals and bake with their children. Buyers want it to be functional and beautiful, but kitchen remodels are often too overwhelming for current owners.

You don’t have to do a total renovation, though. There are plenty of small home improvement projects you can do to upgrade your kitchen without investing too much time and energy. In fact, you can expect a great ROI from: 

  • Cabinet Refacing
  • New Fixtures
  • Backsplash Installation
  • New Counter

Install Hardwood Floors

Since carpet shows sign more wear and tear more than hardwood or tile, it quickly brings down the appearance of your home, which makes it less valuable. Many prospective buyers even look at carpet as an added expense because they know will have to replace it. As a result, they may offer less than your asking price.

On the other hand, hardwood floors hold their value for decades. Not only are they elegant and classy, but they are easy to clean. We recommend installing solid hardwood floors in particular because they are tougher and more resistant to dents and scratches. If they do happen to get some damage, however, you can easily sand and refinish them without having to install all new flooring. For all of those reasons, wood floors are very appealing to buyers.

Finish Your Basement

If you own a home in the South, you can probably skip over this step. However, basements can be a huge selling point for buyers in the Northern and Mid-Atlantic states. A finished basement can add up to $30,000 to the resale value of your home.


Homeowners love having extra square footage, especially if it is heated and livable. Though an unfinished basement still increases your home’s value, adding carpet, drywall, and trim can elevate the space. Whether you turn it into a place for guests, a man cave, or a playroom, it is sure to impress prospective buyers.

Start Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you can DIY some of these home projects, you can get an even higher return on your investment, but even with help from a professional, you can increase the value of your home. We recommend that you assess your home and budget to find the perfect projects for you. You should also speak with a realtor to find out which items are especially important to buyers in your area!