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5 Predictions for the Workplace Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has made people’s lives miserable all around the world. We are all struggling with the menace of this virus, which has damaged our businesses, education, economy, and many other aspects of life.

Will we be able to get back to the way we used to live? Or, will we have to adjust to the new norm in our routine lives and business operations?

Let’s find out what the business gurus, experts, and entrepreneurs had to say about the post-covid workplace. Most of them agree and make 5 predictions for the post-covid workplace.

1. Mix of In-Office and Remote Working for the Workplace

Certain studies have shown the results suggesting most people want the future workplace to be hybrid. People will work from an in-office and remote stations, in a mixed fashion. This mode of working will stay and results will gradually start replacing the number of hours worked.

This new yardstick will give rise to hybrid working patterns. Managers and team members will need to develop skills and stay connected with each other without overlapping the information or missing any.

2. Wide-Ranging Economy

As soon as COVID-19 ends there may be a widespread mistrust for reviving the businesses. You should take this with stakeholder capitalism. This may act as a bridge between business and communities which in return will see the companies taking on board all stakeholders, at the time of deciding.

In fact, getting all on board is an effort to build trust and social capital. Everyone will start getting money that will keep the business going. The concept of a wide-ranging economy has many benefits. One of these will help the governments as they won’t be dealing with unemployment and financial strains.

3. Flexible Green Pastures

In the post-Covid-19 world, we will head to find new norms. Many of us are using Covid-19 as a reason to invest more in their environmental policies. EU will spend around US$ 1 Tr for better climate and related changes. Whereas, countries like the US, S Korea, Japan, Canada, and Nigeria are opting for going greener options during covid recovery plans.

This is skill development for going green in all manners. However, there are challenges and multi-faced problems to overcome while going green.

4. COVID-19 Productivity & Protecting People, Not Jobs

Many job experts and business analysts have been vocal about protecting the people. You can get a job through reskilling or up-skilling.

This issue was under discussion in a recent World Economic Forum, summit. As per the summit findings, by 2030 more than half of the young people globally, will lack skills for future jobs. It may be economic to train and deploy the people than abandoning them and then re-hire them.

An urgent focus is required to address the issue without further delays.

5. Recharging your Resilience Batteries

With covid-19, countries, societies, and businesses were forced to transform.Therefore, the e-commerce industry became the new norm, as it took over the control of education, logistics, and healthcare services. This altered their practicing methods and paved the way for entrepreneurs. During this pandemic much bigger and economically strong countries like the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan saw a rush of new but small businesses in their system.

This was slightly unusual, but researchers suggest that building resilience and adaptability holds the key to success.


It may be stressful to think about where the small business will be five years from now. Whatever the case, things will get better eventually but it will require some drastic changes and patience.