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5 Tips To Get You Through Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is common among men and women in their twenties. This leads to Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which is another type of depression with symptoms. These symptoms are widespread in women. The symptoms of gloomy weather for an extended period are:

  • Sad and anxious feelings
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of interest in usual activities
  • Sleeping more than normal days and still feel tired

The optimal solution for this disorder is routine modification. But, how can you change daily activities when you don’t feel like leaving your bed. Here are a few tips that will get you through the gloomiest season of the year:

1.     Talk with Your Friends

The major reason why people feel depressed during the winter season is because of less social contact. If you don’t have someone to talk to about your life and problems during the low-light season, you will feel lonely. Everyone has private or professional problems in their life. These problems can result in SAD.

A simple chat with a friend or a colleague can help you through this time. Whether you meet them in person or talk on the phone, you will feel better after opening up. No other activity can change your mood quickly than having a cup of coffee with a true friend.

2.     Plan an Outdoor Activity

When you undergo seasonal depression, you should include a stroll in your activity. When you are outside, you will find many interesting things to make your day. Especially when you start your day with a morning walk, you will feel happy and active throughout the day. Exposure to sunlight in the morning will keep you on track.

3.     Try Light Therapy For Your Depression

A lightbox can also help when natural light is not available to brighten up your mood. A lightbox stimulates natural light and suppresses melatonin synthesis in your body. Furthermore, it also increases serotonin levels. Place the light box near your workstation for an hour a day. Your doctor will help choose the right lightbox model. The one that filters harmful UV light is an effective option.

4.     Take Hot and Cold Shower

When you wake up in the morning, take a shower. You might think about how the morning shower can get you through a depressing day? Well, you don’t have to take a normal shower. Alternating the temperature during the shower stimulates circulation and blood pumping. Start with warm water and switch temperature twice.

5.     Start a New Hobby To Take Your Mind Off Of Your Depression

Most people spend their time on the couch binge-watching Netflix shows. This is a good idea to spend your time during depressing days. But, watching movies and web series endlessly can cause nausea and put you back into the same depression.

Changing your hobbies is an effective technique to switch your moods. For instance, reading, baking, and painting are some activities that will keep you going through the season. Also, choose an activity that you always wanted to start.


Hopefully, you will find these tips effective to get through the gloomiest season of the year. One thing to always remember is that things will get better soon. So if you feel depressed, plan your routine and stay busy. Do whatever fascinates you and you can easily get through this period. Don’t fight with the symptoms. Instead, understand and accept the feeling.