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50 Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and most of you out there must be thinking about what to wear. October is the time of year when you have to show up with some creative hairstyles along with costumes. That said, choosing the right Halloween costume is not as easy as it seems.

Are you a frugal shopper and planning to go shopping but have no idea what to shop for this years Halloween party? If yes,. Check out this piece for the spookiest makeup and costumes. Look into the list of Halloween ideas and select the best of all.

50 Halloween Costume Ideas

Deciding on a costume for a Halloween party can sometimes be overwhelming. One thing we all are sure of is that we can always choose from 70’s Halloween trends that will rarely go out of style. Well, Halloween is on the horizon and you can always grab your bell-bottoms and suede jacket for an all-retro look. For more options, consider going through this list:

1. KISS Halloween Costume– Rock out the Halloween party with this iconic punk band look. Make sure you paint your face with white paint to look like you’re part of the band.

2. Joker Halloween Costume– Be a “best costume” prize winner with this costume especially with the neon hair color and spot-on makeup.

3. Scooby-doo Costume- Fight the freaky monsters with this classic cartoon look.

4. Disco Diva Costume– 70’s was all about disco, and this outfit can make you look like you’re from that era.

5. Cloud and Rainbow Costume– Mother daughter duos can stand out in any Halloween party. This outfit is for all the DIY experts out there.

6. Donna Summer Costume– You can’t go wrong with this look of the 70’s queen of discos.

7. Sony and Cher Costume– Go for a dynamic Sony look this Halloween by growing a mustache like him.

8. Men in Black Costume- This is a perfect, last-minute look for couples. Just grab your black suit, tie, and black sunglasses to recreate the iconic look.

9. Bruce Lee Costumes– A yellow Bruce Lee jumpsuit is an evergreen Halloween costume, perfect for all ages.

10. Carrie Costume- It’s time to reuse your prom dress with a little fake blood on it.

11. Willy Wonka Costume– Pay  homage to the ultimate candy man, Willy Wonka

12. Farmers Market Family Halloween Costume– This DIY family costume has a farmer along with veggies and fruits by his side.

Here is a list of other costume options you can try this year:

13. The Hulk Costume

14. Farah Fawcett Costume

15. Shazam Costume

16. Sam Quits Halloween Costume

17. Freddie Mercury Costume

18. Sandy Costume

19. Barbie Costume

20. Spice Girls Costume

21. Little House on the Prairie Costume

22. The Village People Costume

23. Debbie Harry Costume

24. Charlie’s Angel Costume

25. Blues Brother Costume

26. Hippie Costume

27. Alien Costume

28. The Jetson’s Costume

29. Josie and the Pussycat’s Halloween Costume

30. Mr potato head Costume

31. Grateful dead Costume

32. Rick James Costume

33. Frida Kahlo Costume

34. Thriller Warwolf Costume

35. She-Ra Costume

36. Transformer Halloween Costume

37. Power line Costume

38. Morticia and Wednesday Costume

39. Mermaid Costume

40. Medusa Costume

41. Pine Cone Costume

42. Astronaut Costume

43. Veto Corleone Costume (The Godfather)

44. Mork and Mindy

45. Mr.T Costume

46. Sesame Street Costume

47. Taco Costume

48. Toy story Costume

49. Mine Craft Costume

50. Super Mario Halloween Costume