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6 Easy Styling Tips to Pull Your Bedroom Together

If you spend most of your time in the bedroom it needs to be relaxing, practical, and comfortable. It should reflect your personal style. Adding anything generic in the bedroom will eliminate a sense of personality. Therefore, you should pull your bedroom together according to your personal style.

1.     Add a Comfy Rug

A large area rug will bring every element of your room together. Whether you include an area rug in your living room or bedroom, it adds warmth and coziness to the space. Thus, a comfy rug is a top priority in the bedroom. Imagine getting off from bed in the morning during winter and landing on a warm rug. Your feet will be thankful for that. Besides coziness, the rug also creates a contrast, brings definition, and adds dimension to the room.

2.     Place a Headboard Above Your Bed

If you have a mattress on the floor, you should add a stand-alone headboard. The headboard creates an eye-catching focal point in the home and adds additional texture to the room. Also, it gives a finished look to the room. Whether is rustic wood or tufted velvet, the headboard is important in the bedroom.

3.     Add a Large Mirror

Every day you wake up in the morning and start your wardrobe and beauty routine in the bathroom or closet. Thus, you think that these sections of your home require a mirror. But, the mirror plays an important role in your bedroom’s appearance as well. Having a large mirror in the bedroom will make your room look brighter and larger. Also, the light reflecting the mirror adds a hint of glamour to the room.

4.     Layer Your Bed Properly

When layering your bed, you should always focus on the pattern you love. Never consult a catalog as a reference for matching pillows. The easy way to master pattern and color coordination is to choose a primary and a secondary color. The pillow should match the foot blanket or the curtains. If you repeat two to three colors in your bedroom, it will make the room look pulled together.

5.     Improve Lightening In Your Bedroom

Bedroom lighting plays a major role to create space in the room. If you have more than one single lamp and more light fixtures, you can enhance the overall style of the room. If you have little space on the table, you can consider hanging pendants and wall-mounted sconces.

6.     Install Fabric Curtains

Curtains are the important décor item in your bedroom that connects your room together. If you install a blackout curtain in your home, it will provide more privacy. But, your bedroom will look like a dark cave. Thankfully, you can choose from fabric options for curtains. These curtains add the texture of color and layer to the room.


Following the above-mentioned styling tips to pull your bedroom together, you can bring coziness and warmth to the bedroom. These tips will make your walls, floor, and bed pop with textures and colors. Also, you can follow these tips for small as well as large bedrooms.