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6 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Budget

Most of us love our birthday. Particularly these days, when celebrating another solar return can be a pretty big deal. It only comes once a year, and it can feel like a personal slight not to go all out and spend a bunch of money on a party for you and a ton of people.

That’s the exact reason why learning how to pull the reigns back on your natal day spending can be a necessary evil. So you’ve got to learn some better ways to help those around you to celebrate such an important day, without spending a fiscal quarter’s worth of rent payments.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Focus on what is really important, and try to cut out a lot of the other fluff. Once you know what is going to be the important experience or purchase this year, focus on that and invest in it. The benefits are two-fold, not only are you doing or getting something that you love, but you are going all in, and not skimping at all.

Stay Within Reach Of Home

Staycations are incredibly popular right now, particularly with the pandemic. To celebrate your birthday, find a local gem that you’ve always wanted to try, or go somewhere fairly local that you love and don’t get to visit often enough. Many people forget that you can have a great vacation by pretending to be a tourist in your own nearby big city. Jetsetting can get spendy, but staying local can let you use your resources more wisely.


This past year or so has been the start of a ton of new traditions, as well as the end (or hiatus) of many other time-honored customs. Take this opportunity to create a birthday tradition that is uniquely you. This should be a way that you can personally set the day apart from the rest, maybe you just treat yourself to breakfast at your favorite diner. Make it yours.

Get A Birthday Deal

If you hunt around, you can probably spend your entire birthday doing and eating things for free. Check out birthday benefits for places that have birthday clubs and give you benefits like free coffee, burgers, ice cream, and more. Make sure you sign up before the big day, however, since some don’t offer the benefits on the day you sign up, or they require some approval process.

Hide Out Or Hand Out

Lots of people want to go out and be social for their birthday, and really party it up. But there is a growing number of people that find joy in small intimate gatherings and charitable giving. Maybe a fancy charcuterie date with your partner, maybe a date helping out in a soup kitchen.

Get Whimsical For Your Birthday

Feel free to give yourself a makeover or get a little silly for your birthday. Hair color you always wanted to try?  Love those little party poppers from the grocery store? Superhero-themed cake? Twinkly lights while you build a birthday blanket fort?