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6 Ways to Make Your Salads Like Sweetgreen

Salads are hard to resist, especially for those who take their health seriously. Now there are salad parlors offering the best combination of fruit, vegetables and lettuce as a salad.

You may find it difficult to convince younger people in the house to take a salad. If they don’t like it, you may change your salad preparation methods. Surely they will like it.

Let’s go for easy but healthy 6 ways to make your salads taste as good as Sweetgreen.

1. Switch up your greens

There’s a lot of variety to green up your salad. You can do mix and match greens like spinach, romaine, arugula, cabbage, iceberg, and dandelion greens, etc.

Mixing a few of these greens together can add a different flavour to your salad dish you will savour for a long. Kale will offer you healthy vitamin A and C, whereas arugula will give you bet calcium and potassium.

2. Change the Texture

A mix of creamy and crunchy textures will bring your salad to new heights. One serving of ricotta cheese, Greek yoghurt, and or avocado will add a creamy and filling texture to your meal. You can make it taste crunchy by adding some juicy and crispy slices of apple, celery or kiwi.

3. Add a Red to Your greens

You may not like a lot of green in your salad. As many people don’t like green alone, they may like to see a tinge of red in it instead. So you can add a red by cutting small cubes of tomato, or long slices of red chilli. You can go further by adding dry cranberries or nuts; both will add a lot of nutrition and necessary healthy fats.

4. Tomato Replacements

Fresh tomatoes may be in abundance in your area in other areas it may be rare. Rather than going for off-season frozen tomatoes, you can opt for its substitutes:

  • Sweet peppers offer more Vitamin C than tomatoes
  • Raw Beets
  • Strawberries

These are friendly alternatives to tomatoes for offering good antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like a tomato.

5. Get plant-based protein

You can add plant-based protein to your daily salad by adding a small amount of cooked or boiled grains like beans and rice. Whereas cooked lentils are also a significant source for getting proteins.

Besides nuts, seeds and avocado slices will make it a nice and full meal. Such salads will get your proteins, fats, starchy and non-starchy carbs and a unique flavour on top of everything.

6. Add Fruit To Your Salad

Adding fruits to your salad will make it an unbeatable meal. Fruits will give you the fibres, nutrition, and tinge of sweetness. You can go for chopped, sliced, or pieces of fruits for your creation. Remember, to opt for seasonal fruits only to get their best for your health.

In winters, you can add citrus to your salads through caracara, blood red oranges or clementine.


Now, you see there are more reasons to keep salad on your table with every meal. Salads are a fresh way to get healthy food in a manner of your liking and choice.