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7 Ethical & Eco Swimwear Brands for the Perfect Fit

This summer, you may invest in buying an ethical and eco swimwear to give nature what it deserves: less pollution and more cleanliness. You enjoy its bounties of endless seas and water to enjoy. That’s how you can help for getting a clean planet Earth.

Let’s walk through the top 7 ethical and eco swimwear brands if you’re searching for the perfect fit.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A swimwear comes from recycled plastic bottles. Their brand “ecolux” is the world’s first recycled nylon swim fabric. It is blended with “xtra life lycra” for making it a more durable fit. It’s a proven, supremely long-lasting swimwear you will love most to wear in summers. What’s more, the swimwear’s durability will make it outlive the oxidation and presence of chlorine in water.

The manufacturers offer a range of sizes ranging from size 4 (XS) and up to 14 (DD or XXL). Furthermore, the manufacturers offer donation out of total sales to organization and companies struggling to keep the planet pollution-free.

2. Loveocean

This is a Texas-based environmentally conscious and ethical women swimwear brand. The fabric and its components are free from any toxic and hazardous materials that can affect your health and the environment. This product is certified for a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

Overall, its packaging material, tags, and health-caution stickers all come from recycled and biodegradable materials. These come in all sizes, covering small tops and medium bottoms, displaying timeless designs and patterns.

3. Summersalt

These are the best swimsuits you may like to wear around for their comfort. Their designs are large like colour blocks and give a clear silhouette, keeping you covered.

Summersalt’s once piece bikinis feature compression panels for keeping everything in place, smoothly. What’s more, the recycled polyamide fabric used for it keeps you lightweight in the water without making you feel heavy. The product’s recycled textile makes it five times more durable than other swimwear.

4. Frankies Bikinis

Frankie’s bikinis come from Amni Soul Eco polyamide yarn, which is biodegradable, making it one of the best ethical and eco-friendly swimwear.  The manufacturer is a Malibu-based Company. Their collection is slightly low for colours and design, yet great for those who like all-black swimwear.

5. Isla in Bloom

This comes from Econyl material.  Isla in bloom will inspire you to try something different for its beautiful prints, designs that come from recycled and eco-friendly inks. Econyl comes from recycled plastic and ocean wastes. The products are manufactured in Byron Bay, Australia and they have eco-friendly beach towels too.

6. Wolven

Wolvens are made from recycled plastic bottles. They offer you the best colourful collections that will make you look unique even in the sea waters. The prints are vibrant and give you a sense of energy while swimming around. Their waist-high bikini bottoms make them more comfortable to wear around even if you are overweight. It keeps you covered.

7. Kaylyn Gardner

These are unique for it comes from pure organic cotton, no synthetics. It uses only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This makes the ultimate and best ethical swimwear. It’s naturally dyed with avocados. The colourful impact an avocado dye can get is hard to beat.

Every swimsuit is made to order, you can get a custom size if you don’t find it in the usual description. So this customizable option makes it a good ethical and eco swimwear for all sizes and age.


For keeping the planet clean and free from pollution. There are manufacturers who are doing a great deal of hard work for producing ethical and eco swimwear brands. They not only provide you with the design and perfect fit but give you the ultimate pleasure and joy you can get.

Not all, but many of these manufacturers are contributing part of their sales to those companies working for keeping the planet clean and pollution-free.