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7 Serving Trays For Summer Entertaining

While summer is coming to an end, this is the right time to get the most of this balmy weather. To enjoy the extra hours of daylight, you can move your couch on the alfresco space such as a back deck, back deck, or rooftop perch. Since you would spend more time on your patio or porch, you would need a serving tray to carry along beverages and snacks. If you are a person who admires aesthetic and beautiful items around the house, you should carefully pick a serving tray that suits your taste. So, if you are with us, let’s explore some trendy tray options and fill the remaining summer days with entertainment:

1.     Deco Handle Tray

This Art Deco-inspired tray crafted with sturdy mango wood is a great pick when you want to enjoy your sweet tea on the Veranda. Want to invite your friend over and have a picnic type of vibe out on the porch? Include this stylish tray in your collection and add a new thrill to your gossip-driven sipping sessions.

2.     Doily Serving Tray

This tray serves as a wonderful ride for your tarts and cookies. Inspired by urban gentility, this tray is made with black-glazed stoneware. If you want to enjoy the post-nape sweets on the porch, this paper doily is the option you should get.

3.     Decker Galvanized Tray

Having a backyard BBQ before the summer ends? Get this galvanized sheet metal tray with cutout handles. By its appearance, this tray looks perfect for filling beers and steamed shrimp in a basket. Undeniably, it is an unpretentious and timeless option.

4.     Harper + Oldham Cactus Serving Tray

This square-shaped tray is a custom-designed multi-colored option suitable to add prickly pear margaritas. Having a fun time with your friends on the patio? Surprise them with this whimsical illustration featured tray inspired by Charlie Harper.

5.     Melamine Rectangular Serving Tray

The size of this beautiful tray can accommodate anything such as frozen treats. The pop of color on the tray compliments your vibrant foods. Utilize these durable, vibrant, and affordable trays for any occasion and make the moments special.

6.     Splash Tray by Hisham  Bhatoocha

Apartment residents can’t throw a summer pool party, but they can access the rooftop and invite friends for a fun time. This Swedish melamine tray can easily hold few glasses of drinks to enhance your imagination. So, grab a bunch of rose water and make your daytime rooftop party even entertaining with these square-shaped trays.

7.     Marimekko Karuselli Round Tray

Done with the square and rectangular trays? Try this floral eye-popping to carry pu pu platter or Mai Tais and serve it with your friends. It includes a retro-tropical effect that gives a blend of Hawaii and Finland.


Have you yet decided which one you would choose? These options will enhance the aesthetics of your food and reflect the vibrant celebration. So, if you picked an option, invite your friends over and surprise them with these eye-catching options.