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7 Tips to Make Your Eating Habits More Sustainable

Our planet is suffering from a variety of issues and many of our food choices are to blame for it. What we choose to eat has a devastating impact on the Earth, what with the globe forests having to clear more space for growing crops for feeding our livestock, to rearing cattle and others.

Even the oceans are becoming barren day by day, as we overfish and deprive it of life. It’s about time we transform our eating habits to make them more sustainable. Here are a few tips for it:

1. Choose a Variety of Food

The major part of our food supply comes from just five animal species and twelve plants. You’d do a great service to Earth if you start consuming a greater variety so that some of the agriculture disparity reduces.

2. Let go of Red Meat

Considering the staggering global demand for red met, mainly lamb and beef, the toll on the environment is massive due to its production. This includes water resources and soil degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystem disruption and others.

If you can replace red meat with top-quality plant protein, you’d help lessen the environmental impact.

3. Spread Awareness On How Food Is Affecting The World

If you have already realized the devastating impacts the global food choices is making on the environment, you’d do great to inspire the sustainable food habits of others too. Help teach family and friends about deforestation free food and together try and raise your voice for it.

4. Go for Lentils

Lentils are not only environment-friendly, they’re also super delicious and eating more of these would be a great sustainable habit. Lentils, peas, beans and other plant-based foods are tremendously beneficial for the health too and a great substitute for animal protein.

If agricultural sustainability is your priority right now, you cannot find a better choice than legumes to add to each of your meal from now on.

5. Choose Your Seafood Responsibly

Choosing your seafood wisely is another great tip for sustainable eating. You can try eating a diversity of species from sources you can trust and also opt for seafood options featuring lower carbon emission.

6. No More Refined Grains

Instead of opting for refined grains, you should try and choose whole or minimally processed grains and cereals. They’re far more beneficial for your body and health in comparison to refine grains, which don’t even contain much of their original nutritional value.

Additionally, the whole grains also provide protein, minerals and B vitamins and antioxidants that further benefit your health.

7.  Your Own Sustainable Produce

Truly, there can be nothing better than having your own garden and preparing meals with the home-grown and fresh produce straight out of it. Not only will you find each of your meals more delicious, healthy and wholesome this way, you will also be consuming foods without the carbon footprints that shop-bought items have.

Final Thought

Much of our food choices are significantly responsible for the massive environmental damage our earth is suffering. From excessive consumption of red meat, over fishing certain favorites to deforesting for more space for growing crops and rearing cattle, we’re doing unimaginable harm to our planet just to satisfy our taste buds.

With our helpful tips, you’ll soon be eating sustainably.