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8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that everyone has to have, but now and then you probably see an ad that makes you wonder if you might be overpaying. So you inevitably shop around, but when you’re getting quotes from various agencies, there are some important questions to ask before you cut a check for those first premiums.

1.   What Coverage Options Do You Have

You will want to know if there is coverage for any other drivers. Often this will be needed in situations where a roommate or family member borrows your vehicle. You want to make sure that anyone else driving your car is covered should an accident happen. Another good option is underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance.

2.   Will My Job Alter My Coverage

You’ll be asked certain questions about your driving, how far you drive on average, how far you drive for work, and so on. If your job is in delivery, transportation, sales, or similar lines of work, be sure your vehicle will have coverage if an accident happens while you’re working.

3.   Why Is My Premium So High

This is a great question for your current insurance agent if you feel you’re paying too much. Ask them what factors are driving up your costs. You may be able to address them.

4.   How Significantly Does Raising My Deductible Lower My Premium

Frequently, insurers will offer lower premiums for drivers choosing a higher deductible. This can be good to keep your premiums low, but it can also work against you if you are no good at saving. While you can get lower rates with a higher deductible, if you don’t generally keep that much in savings for an emergency, you may find you can’t pay.

5.   What Discounts Are Available Through The Agency

This is a great question for any insurer, current or potential. There are often insurance discounts for everything from airbags, to theft-deterrent devices, to good students, and even jobs that are known for having safer drivers.

6.   Is Gap Coverage Available

This is a crucial question to ask if you still owe on your vehicle. Gap insurance will make sure that you aren’t paying off a car that’s been totaled by covering the amount remaining on your loan.

7.   Are There Fees Or Discounts For Certain Payment Options

Some insurance companies charge a fee to take a debit or credit card. Some offer discounts for setting up a direct debit through a bank account, as well as discounts for paying 6 months or a year at a time.

8.   Is A 24/7 Roadside Assistance Option Available

If you have a mechanical breakdown or an accident while you’re on the road, it will be when you least expect it. 24/7 roadside assistance is important for things like breakdowns, flat tires, dead batteries, things like that. While they are often available from just about any towing company, they are usually quite expensive, and having your insurance pick up the tab is always nice.