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8 Tips For Planning A Safe Road Trip During COVID

Now that some lockdowns have loosened, and quarantines have lifted in many locations, it could be the perfect time to get out and stretch, so to speak, and hit the open road. Carefully, of course. Let’s take a look at 8 great ways to make a road trip happen.

1.   Make A Definite Plan

Impromptu road trips are probably a thing of the past until this pandemic is more under control. This will be the most stressful and challenging part of your trip. Planning every single thing that you can plan for. This gives you a chance to plan alternates, also.

2.   Be Sure Of Cleaning Protocols Anyplace You Stay

Ask. Don’t assume, ask. This is incredibly important during the pandemic. You should be sure of their COVID cleaning protocols, just as they should. They should know exactly when things were last cleaned and sterilized, and if they don’t, stay somewhere else during your road trip.

3.   Keep Apprised Of The Cancellation Policies

Make sure any place that you are planning to travel has a good cancellation policy, that is as close to the day you leave as possible. If something changes, you will have more opportunity to regain any deposit that has been paid, or at least avoid the full charge if possible.

4.   Ready Your Ride

Make sure you keep your car sterilized and equipped for the constant task of keeping yourself clean. Make sure you have some backup masks, cleaning wipes, hand sterilizer, and maybe even some disposable gloves and mini garbage bags. This will be super helpful for your road trip.

5.   Plan Your Dining Carefully

I love to eat out, it’s one of my favorite things to do on a road trip but during a pandemic, things can get a little dicey. Be sure to research via reviews how local eateries are handling no-contact or low-contact deliveries or dining. Some restaurants are reopening as well, but you will probably find, just as I did, that there are certainly some establishments that are taking things casually despite the circumstances.

6.   Do Your Own Cleaning Job To Be Safe

I trust most housekeeping staff, but just in case they were a little overworked or spread a little thin on that shift, I’ll give the room and surroundings a quick once-over. Just with some wipes, I’m not talking about steam-sterilizing the whole floor. It will give you some peace of mind, and it will give you an extra layer of protection.

7.   Wipe Down When You’re Done

Not your surroundings, your belongings. Give a sanitizing wipe a tour around anything you have that may have been exposed, such as your shoes, laptop, suitcase, and so on. This makes sure that you aren’t bringing any pathogens with you to other destinations on your road trip.

8.   Have A Plan To Get Tested On Arrival

This probably won’t be an option or a need for everyone traveling, but in my case it was. I was going to be staying with my folks, and they’re both in their 60s and cancer survivors, so I didn’t want to take any chances. I made plans to get tested on my way into town and stayed quarantined until I heard back.