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9 Unique Father’s Day Gifts You Can Find On Etsy

We know Father’s Day is just around the corner and you’re surely frantically searching for the most unique gift ever to give your dad this year. And why not, considering how Father’s Day 2021 is going to be extra special and difference since we didn’t really get to celebrate it well enough last year.

Whether you’re planning to gift him something in person this year or delivering it to him through a service, it is right find the perfect gift ever. Why look far away when Etsy has the best options for you? We’re listing down 9 unique gifts you can find for your special man this Father’s day only on Etsy.

Top Gift Items

  • Jumbo Coffee Mug

If dads cannot fix it no one can. We’re not saying it, a jumbo coffee mug does but we agree wholeheartedly with each word. This mug is the perfect gift to remind him each morning that he’s your superhero.

  • Handcrafted Orcio Jar

This Orcio jar comes in a beautiful organza bags, containing hand-rolled notes inside. Each note contains tons of love, humor, gratitude and warm thoughts in the form of lovely messages to brighten each of his days.

  • Bonus Dad Keychain

Nothing like an adorable keychain with a personalized message on the back, to remind your dad everyday just how much you love him. You can even add a customized bottle opener with this gift.

  • Customized Chronograph Watch in Black

This customized gift is a perfect keepsake for life for your dad. It has a calendar function, three-eye decoration, scratch-proof vessel and a luxury pointer. The vessel is water-proof and the back of the watch can accommodate a love-filled personalized note from with 20 characters per line.

  • Personalized Cufflinks

Your dad will love personalized cufflinks in 925 sterling silver, rose gold plate and 18k gold bearing his initials.

  • Personalized Docking Station

Gift him a personalized docking station that can accommodate both android and iPhones too. This product also includes an engraving option for a picture or logo and the result is absolutely stunning. Your dad will surely love it.

  • DAD Picture Frame

How does a picture frame cut out in the word DAD sound to you? A handmade premium item like this one is sure to be a winner with your dad. You can also put a special picture of your in the top D. plus, the acrylic jig for cutting out your pictures is a great feature too.

  • Custom Engraved Hammer

If your dad loves knocking away, then give him a hammer that is sure to become his favorite tool for life. Laser engraved hammers are well-balanced, weighty and a great tool for homes and displays. You can add a sweet note on it to make it extra special.

  • Bottle Opener- Custom Baseball Bat

Baseball bat openers will charm every man, even your dad. So, you can customize your gift with specifications, including text colors, stain colors and a lovely note. A bat mug will also pair well with this product.