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At-Home Beauty Gadgets That Are Totally Worth It

With social distancing and lockdowns becoming a norm, many have to deprive themselves of the luxurious salon-treatments they love. But we have a list of at-home beauty gadgets to recommend, which will give you a salon-like luxurious experience right at home.

1.    Pro Pore Refiners

If you are looking for the finesse a refined facialist gives you at a salon, you must buy a pro pore refiner. This nifty device is so handy and super effective you will feel as if you have stepped right out of your fancy salon after vacuuming your pores with this one.

2.    Jade Roller

This massage-roller is everybody’s favorite beauty gadget currently and we can see why. This clever tool gives you a massage any time of the day or night you need, on your face. If you’re looking for a de-puffing or cooling massage, you can pop this in the fridge for a while and then run it lovingly over your face.

You can even work your favorite home-facial products with this tool.

3.    Hair Removal Device

We know how women can get overly anxious with hair growth and this is why this device is a top recommendation. The laser device gives you professional-like treatment at home and with consistent use, you can even get rid of unwanted body hair for good.

4.    Gua Sha Stone

You cannot imagine how effective this fabulous tool is, without even vibrating or sending some sort of shock waves across your face. This tool scrapes your skin gently to remove the dead cells and also promote circulation.

It not only contours but also feels super relaxing. Besides, it’s super affordable and a must-have beauty tool.

5.    LED Light Therapy Mask

Don’t we all adore the skin benefits that LED light therapy gives us? Sure we do and this why we don’t mind spending a couple of hundred dollars to get it. But what if we told you that this tool is not available as an at-home gadget?

Yes, that’s right. You can boost your collagen production right at home with this device and the mask will ensure you get the best results possible. It’s also a super lightweight and bendy tool so it makes a great compact home-gadget.

6.    Facial Steamer

Ah, the bliss of a good facial. Nothing compares to this one right? Here we recommend to you the facial steamer and this year, it is making a major comeback. Every facialist, dermatologist and esthetician swears by this traditional facial steamer.

It helps tighten pores and strengthens your skin quite remarkably. If you want the perfect salon-like glow after your facial sessions at home, make sure to add a steamer in your arsenal.

7.    Facial Toning Device

This one is another must-have at-home beauty gadget for the facial lovers. You know the best part of it? It is also Jennifer Anniston’s favorite. The micro-current technology is this gadget massages and gives your skin a workout. It vastly improves your skin tone and facial contouring as well.