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Best Young Adult Books We Are Obsessed With

There are many young adult books that we are low-key obsessed with, and we want to share them with you. If you are a fan of fantasy and romantic books, then you need to read the following mentioned books.

They Wish They Were Us

This amazing book is an artistic creation of Jessica Goodman. We must say, if you are a fan of thriller stories, then give a read to this book. Its storyline is pretty similar to the popular book “Gone Girl.” You will find everything, from friendship and romance drama.

The story revolves around the secret society in an elite prep school. Plus, it offers you a mystery that involves the murder of a famous girl. Hence, it has everything that you want in a book for young adults.

We Were Liars

This is another ideal choice for teens written by E. Lockhart. This book became popular after a great hype on TikTok. The story starts from an idyllic beach that will inspire you to spend a vacation on the East Coast private island.

However, when you reach the end, it will leave you in shock for days. The book comprises mystery, family secrets, and twists. If you are bored with sci-fiction books, then read this one to bring thrill to your life.

Year One: Chronicles of the One

Nora Roberts is the writer of this novel. This book tells a story that contains fiction and fantasy. It’s a story of the post-apocalyptic world, when both evil and good magic became popular.

Apart from this, you will love the idea of incorporating multiple storylines and characters. All the characters are striving for a better life in a completely new world so that they can survive. If you love Harry Potter and Divergent-type books, then you will like this one as well.


L.H. Cosway is the author of Happy-Go-Lucky, providing you lots of entertainment, thrill, and fun. Every workplace has an employee that no one wants to mess with. It is based on the same idea and revolves around the story of handsome Cameron Grant.

This man doesn’t love to socialize with his fellow workers, which makes everyone curious about him. You will encounter romance and tension in this novel that will force you to read this book in a day.

The Promised Prince

Kortney Keisel is the author of The Promised Prince. This storyline is based on the love story of Renna Degray. She is hopeful of finding her love of life when, out of chance, she meets a handsome man.

Renna tries to control her feelings because he is the Prince of Albion. But she finds it difficult to forget her love, as the Prince makes it hard for them. This novel is the best young adult book that includes all the fantasy and romances a teen wants.

Bottom Line

So, read these young adults’ books one by one to keep yourself entertained and amused. For sure, if you already love adult books, you will like these as well.