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Cleared for Takeoff: What to Know About Travel

The air travel industry is still reeling because of the coronavirus and its subsequent surge. There are new traveling guidelines, restrictions, strategies and new protocols in place for air travel. However, people are ready to hit the skies, once again.

Although many airlines stopped operations during the pandemic, they continue to stick to their schedules, as things get better.

In this piece, you will get a handy guide about air travel, making sure you can travel in 2021 without any hassle.

1. Save Now For Your Trips

The pandemic has severely hit our lives and earnings. So, it may sound logical to look for ways to save now. Like having more working hours at your office, start selling handicrafts, cut down your impulsive shopping. You can negotiate with your bank and insurance people for better interest rates, etc.

This saving will give you the boostto go all out for air travel whenever the time comes.

2. Get the Most out of Flexible Bookings

In 2020 airlines were flexible about bookings and reservations. The same mind-set works on the same pattern in 2021. So look for the best and most economical routes to get to your destination. Many resorts and hotels are also offering very low and special rates with flexible payment plans.

Most of the airlines are offering great deals with soft cancellation policies. You can scoop anyone of these.

3. Travel Insurance

In the pre-pandemic world, most travel insurance companies were not giving cover for a global pandemic, now they are.

So do a thorough search to secure the best rates for covering your desired level of insurance. You can check with multiple options, as hotels and resorts have joined hands with many insurance companies, you can opt with any of these. Call in few quotes and compare them and evaluate the cost of air travel and hotel. This will give you a simple idea of what kind of sum you need to pay as travel insurance.

4. Prepare for High Demand

Several trips were cancelled in 2020 and many people rescheduled those trips for the year 2021. So consider if you want to tour the most visited destination, and then be prepared to pay extra money to airlines.

Travel industry experts are expecting a surge in air travel during the second half of this year. You may book now to get the best rates and flexible terms from airlines, hotels and insurance people.

5. Pandemic Looms

Remember, we are still in the steam of a pandemic. The airlines and tourist industry is still suffering from it. So, ensure that you fulfil the norms set forth by airlines, hotels and other relevant people in this chain.

You should prioritize your own and other’s safety as a top priority during the entire round trip. It would also help if you made sure you had full information for safety protocols you will follow during the entire trip.


Air travel industry gurus and pundits are optimistic about air travel resuming sooner than later. We all hope life comes back to normal. So be careful during your next air travel, follow health and safety restrictions to steer clear from trouble.