Credit Card Points: Rule of Thumb for Redeeming |


Credit Card Points: Rule of Thumb for Redeeming

Are you unsure of how to redeem credit card points? If yes, let us discuss the rule you probably didn’t know about.

The saying goes that the best way to redeem your credit card reward points is by ensuring you secure as much value as is possible. If we were to give you a comparison, we’d say credit card points are an unofficial and unique form of currency. Hence, the rule of thumb here is to select redemption options equaling at least a cent each.

Often the most confusing aspect here is for people to decide which redemption option is the absolute best and will give the most value. History also proves that comparatively merchandise and gift card options are not the best ways to redeem your points. It would be better to choose cash back or travel options instead, if deriving maximum value is your goal.

If you want to measure your point’s value, you can divide your reward’s dollar value with the number of points you need to get it. Once you have a figure, if you manage to earn more than a cent for each of your point, trust us, you’re on the right track.

However, if you’re earning less than a cent, there is no doubt that you’re making wrong choices and getting bad end out of the deal.

Rule of Thumb

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your credit card points:

  1. Your primary aim must be to ensure that your rewards are aligning with your interests. If your goal is to use your income better, you’d be wise to choose a card that has a cash-back option on basics, such as purchasing from your regular stores, topping your fuel/gas etc. if you like traveling, you may want to choose a credit card that offer airline miles beyond your local hub.
  2. The trick is not choosing a rewards program that does not cater to your interests or needs. Be watchful for rewards that are actually a trap in disguise to make you spend more than you can afford, such as a sign-up bonus etc.
  3. Never underestimate the power of cash back rewards. They provide you with the most basic currency there is to spend just as how you desire. You can go back in recent history and check the stats that prove cash back is the favorite credit card reward of consumers.
  4. Do not get a credit card on an impulsive decision. Always take the time and effort to compare an offer with other credit cards. At the same time, you must always remember to check the rewards terms as well of the cards you’re already using.
  5. Do not make the mistake of carrying too many reward cards at a time. You may end up diluting your rewards value because of the way your spending goes haywire with owning several cards at a time.


When redeeming your credit card points, your primary goal must be to select an option that maximizes the value of your rewards, to a cent each or even more but nothing less than that.