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DIY Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

Summer typically calls for lazy times in the pool but it’s also a great time for the much-needed home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. DIY home improvement ideas are literally the best because they save time and money and your home too gets a lot of TLC.

In this blog, we’re going to share five fantastic DIY home improvements for this summer and how you can upgrade your home without much effort.

1. Improved Window Treatments For Your Home

Have you ever thought of window treatments to beat the summer heat and keep your house comfortably cool despite the blazing sun outside? The best part is that installing advanced window treatments is not a complex job at all and it’s an easy DIY thing. You only need simple things like a blackout curtain or two, some motorized roller shades or even greater options from the market variety.

You’d probably even enjoy installing these, not to mention how outfitting the windows with shades will protect you and your family from harmful UV light and blind glares. Rid goodbye to scorching summer heat indoors with this DIY idea.

2. Bring Summer Into Your Home With More Plants

Summer may be hot but it’s a beautiful weather nonetheless. How better to enjoy it than bringing in some more greenery right in your house? This summer, give your outdoor area, a balcony or a designated corner in your home a fresh makeover with vibrant summer plants.

If you can afford it, try to spruce the area with a bright paint color too or landscape it if you’re feeling a tad more adventurous. Gardens have a magical ability to transform the aesthetical appeal of homes and perennials, hydrangeas, lupines etc. make the best choice.

If you’re not up for braving the summer heat and venturing outdoors, then you can stay in, give your interiors some glam makeover and still enjoy the season. A wall gallery sounds like a very creative idea and it is the best ways of livening up a home. You can look at creative DIY ways of converting a prominent wall in your home into a gallery wall.

Decorate it with family photos, some colorful artwork or even blend the two for a more striking end result.

4. Give Your Home’s AC Filters a Good Scrub

This might not be a lot of fun but it is necessary nonetheless. Replacing or at least cleaning your AC filters will make the summer more bearable and especially important if you have not done it for long.

The filters of any HVAC unit can accumulate tons of dirt, when we fail to clean them in a couple of months. You could make this DIY idea your summer project and thankfully, it does not take very long. You only have to locate the furnace vents on your AC, unscrew then and clean the filters thoroughly. If they’re beyond rescue, replacing them would also be a good idea. You can rid the filters of the mold, dust and tons of allergens living on it and ensure your family will only be breathing in cleaner air through the season.

5. Give Your Floor Some TLC This Summer

We’re usually focusing so much on statement walls, light fixtures, kitchen hardware etc. that we fail to realize the floor could do with some makeover too. This summer, you can give your floor some brightness and make it the highlight of the summer season.

You can go for an all out black and white tiling, neutral light tiling, matte tiles or those with graphic patterns or even settle for some hexagonal beauty. If you want something simpler, perhaps a darker stain to your existing hardwood or pulling up the carpet would do the trick too.