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Don’t Live Alone? 10 Ways to Carve Out Me Time

Not every one of us is fortunate to own or rent our own space. Sometimes, family obligations and cultural values force us to live in a family system, while environmental factors such as the pandemic and others force us to move in with family or roommates, instead of living alone.

No matter what the reasons may be, it can get entirely frustrating when you just do not get any time for yourself. Devoid of peace and quiet, one cannot survive calmly for long. So how can you carve out alone time for your own sanity when you don’t live alone?

Here is how:

1.    Communicate Your Need for Peace Clearly

Emphasize how you need peace and some alone time. Of course, if you’re dealing with family or friends, you need to set the boundary very gently without hurting feelings. You can make a weekly routine where you spend some time in a solo activity, like writing your journal, etc. Let others know not to interrupt you then.

2.    Boundaries

Set a physical boundary that helps you withdraw to a secluded corner, even if for only a few minutes in a day, to enjoy that much needed alone time. It could be your reading corner, a desk, or even a Prayer place.

3.    Plan a Solo Outdoor Escapade Every Weekend

Whether it is a close-by park or a hiking trail, or even a trip for groceries, make sure you plan one trip every Saturday or Sunday alone.

4.    A Daily Stroll

This is a great idea because it will not only keep you physically fit but also give you much-needed free time. A jog every morning or a leisurely stroll alone in the evenings is a great idea.

5.    Stop By at a Café on Your Way Home from Work

There are days when you are lucky to have a lesser workload. In that case, try not to return home directly but rather stop for a cup of coffee at a café for a breather and soak up all the moments alone.

6.    Early Mornings

The best time to grab some alone time is to wake up before the others. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Imagine the silence and tranquility when all else are asleep, and you can just relax without intrusion.

7.    Early Bedtime

Similarly, going to bed early is a great way to spend some me-time too. If nothing else works, an early bedtime routine during the week can give you some time to run through your thoughts alone before drifting off.

8.    Date Nights or Happy Hours

Although it may not be alone time, do not hesitate or feel guilty to plan these. It’s okay to grab some special time without the presence of your family or your roommates. A date with your pals or happy hours with colleagues is a treat you deserve every once in a while.

9.    Practice Solitude

Even when you’re living with a crowd, you can practice alone time. It requires some skill, but soon you’ll be able to withdraw emotionally and mentally from the others. Choose a quiet corner during family dinner times or others and try not to contribute in conversation. Focus on your thoughts while trying to block out the sounds around you.

10. Volunteer for Errands

Does your mom need something from the farmer’s market? Has the family pet run out of its stock of biscuits? Volunteer to run outdoor errands if you can manage them. This could be a great way of being by yourself, away from the people at home.