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Dupes for Your Favorite High-End Skincare Products

Let’s face it, girls: high-end skincare products are one of our greatest weaknesses. Our favorite products can make our hearts beat faster with joy but can empty our wallets equally fast too.

So we decided to round up the best dupes we have found for your preferred high-end products. They offer nearly the same results. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank for these:

1.    Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier

This product is the best dupe for Bioderma and comes at half the price. The best part is that it lifts away dirt, makeup layers, and oil without stripping the moisture from your skin. We definitely recommend this for you!

2.    Radiance-Boosting Vitamin C Mask

This is a super-effective brightening mask that combines the goodness of vitamin C with some powerful hydrating ingredients. If you’re looking for something similar to the Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask by your favorite luxury brand, then this one is it.

3.    Hydra Touch Oil Primer by Nyx

Do you just love the Photo Finish Oil Primer by Smashbox, but your pocket is unable to afford it? Then here is the next best thing for you. NYX’s Hydra Touch Oil Primers add sufficient moisture to your dry skin to make your favorite foundation glide on butter smooth.

It also reduces eczema and redness due to the jojoba oil infusion in it.

4.    Comforting Balm

Try Alicia Key’s comforting balm from her brand new line at Ulta. It features a blend of oils as luxurious and rich as the one from Ren’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery balm. You can apply it over any dry, rough, and cracked patch on your lips and watch it disappear as well as the high-product would make it.

5.    Organic Marula Oil by InstaNatural

We know you love the Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil by Drunk Elephant. We do too, but we decided it’s not worth getting into debt over, especially if we can find an equally good yet reasonable option with InstaNatural.

It gives you all the glow you dream of and revitalizes your skin like a dream.

6.    Overnight Retinol Oil

Have you been looking for a retinol oil that contains an effective, moisturizing and gentle solution? You can get these three in a super friendly dupe of Sunay Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night oil in Pixi’s line. This brand gives you the same effect, comes in a similar packaging at the same great quality but only at a super pocket-friendly budget.

7.    Tarte’s Knockout Tingle Treatment Toner

Every makeup-loving diva has drooled over the Biologique Recherche’s P501970. The best dupe for this product is the Knockout Tingle Treatment Toner by Tarte. It has super pH balancing potential, clears blemishes, and resurfaces your skin.

8.    Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

We know you are among the fans of Shiseido’s Benefiance cream for smoothing wrinkles under the eye. The most budget-friendly and high-quality dupe we have found for you is from Roc. It contains retinol, clears wrinkles and dark circles, targets your puffiness, and has super moisturizing effects. You don’t need to splurge on high-end brands when you have a dupe this good.

Final Goods

High-end brands deliver excellent quality and remarkable results but all at exorbitant prices. The innovations in the industry have given rise to multiple other high-quality and pocket-friendly brands. You can now find some of the best dupes in stores that deliver fantastic results too at super reasonable prices.