Gen Z Slang – 11 Phrases Parents Need to Know |


Gen Z Slang – 11 Phrases Parents Need to Know

One cannot really blame parents who quit trying to understand the jargon their kids seem to be communicating in. We call it the Gen Z slang phrases. It’s certainly not wrong to want to know what the Gen Z is discussing because as parents, it’s your right to know all that’s going on in their lives.

1. A whole Meal

When you hear your kids utter this to someone in passing, they’re commenting on someone looking really good, but mind you it has a sexual connotation to it.

2. Me next time

This phrase is when your kid is telling you to refer to them directly instead of making indirect references. For example, if mom says, “Someone left their dirty plates in the sink” and your child replies, “@ Me next time mom”, you know they’re asking you to be direct.

3. Clout chaser

Being after or caring only for likes and followers. Basically, seeking social media popularity means being a clout chaser.

4. Basic

When a Gen Z is saying you’re too typical, boring, dull etc. Basic is the new way of saying they find you outdated.

5. Boujee

Meaning they enjoy the more extravagant, expensive and fancy things in life.

6. I’m Baby

When they’re feeling incapable or helpless in a certain area of their life, they say I’m baby. This could be a way of asking for help as well for the Gen Z.

7. Flex

When they’re referring to people who show off something strange or irrelevant they will used to word flex. So the next time you catch your young one muttering flex when you’re drilling the importance of respect and family values you learnt as a kid, you know what to fix in them.

8. Ok Boomer

It is the Gen Z’s way of dismissing people they find rather outdated or old fashioned. You may hear them speaking this phrase more when you or other grownups are around and they can’t find common interests.

9. Quaking

The Gen Z slang phrases can be quite hard to decipher such as quaking. This one means to feel appalled or shocked and they may describe it in relation someone famous in the field you’re discussing.

10. Shade

Shade refers to making rude or click comments or talking discreetly in a trashy and insulting way.

11. Glow Up

This describes to a transformation or makeover from a bad to a good thing. For example, if you get a new haircut and your youngster comments you with glow up, it refer to how your new hairstyle is making you look more attractive.

Learning the Gen Z slang phrases can help you in many ways. First, you can show your children you are still young and in-touch with the modern world. Second, you can understand what they are talking about with their friends. Lastly, you can stop them from saying things that you don’t think are appropriate.