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Get Apple TV+, These Shows Will Change Your Mind

When people are fussing about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and HBOMax, there is something much more attentive and smarter. She is Apple TV+ with a plethora of interesting shows, which you can tune in for some interesting shows. Surprisingly, the news that Jennifer Aniston is getting associated with this channel spread like a fire, and people are barging in, purchasing the subscription on Apple TV+. So, if you consider yourself one of the best Friends fans, this is the right time to tune into this new streaming channel and watch The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston.

Apple TV+ guarantees high-quality original content, and the shows they offer will make your decision to subscribe with this them even easier. So, if you want to get a glimpse of the shows Apply TV+ is broadcasting, completely read this article.

1.     The Morning Show

The Morning Show is the first TV serials starring Jennifer Aniston after Friends. The show falls under the category of a morning TV news show, and it includes behind the scenes. Besides Jennifer, the show also includes Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon. Right now, Apple TV+ is broadcasting the second season of the show. If Netflix streamed this show, it would have been received awards to highlight the challenges of workplace sexual harassment.

2.     Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso, a US American football coach, has a unique way to see the harshness of life. He travels a long way to train a ragtag team of footballers. Since he has an optimistic personality, you will find him inspirational. Although this show is made in the US, British people will also find it relatable. This is one of the loveliest shows ever broadcasted on a streaming channel.

3.     Defending Jacob

There is good news for drama-mystery fans as Apple TV+ offers Defending Jacob. Starring Chris Evans, this show portrays the situation of a courtroom, where a family defends their son. Chris Evan’s son is being accused of murdering his classmate. Some scenes in this mini-series are unsettling and emotional, but it is worth watching. The subject matter is incredible and based on William Landay’s bestselling novel.

4.     SEE

After the launch of the Apple TV Plus, the See trailer was introduced to create a fuss among the audience. People went crazy about the show, especially after finding the cast of this Apple TV’s exclusive series. Starring Oscar Nominee, Alfre Woodard, and Jason Momoa, this show depicts an advanced civilization hundreds of years in the future from today. In the series, humans are born without sight, and we can say that Apple did a remarkable job in the science and fiction category.


So, did you found these shows interesting? If yes, then it is time to subscribe to the Apple TV+ and watch some of the amazing shows of all time. Also, you’ll find other amazing shows such as Servant, Truth Be Told, and For All Mankind to blow your mind.