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Got the Sunday Scaries? Try These 9 Things

For most of us adults, Sunday scaries are quite honestly the biggest bane of adulthood. There’s just some unspoken dread about this particular day of the weeks that demands we dread, despair and feel doomed, thinking all about we will have to do over the week, the weekend we wasted and so many other things.

To be honest though, it’s nothing that you cannot conquer. Here are top nine ways to beat those Sunday scaries for life:

1.    Use Friday Proactively

We all know the reality: we tend to barrel through our office doors on dot at 5pm every Friday, with every attention of attacking that laundry pile, paying the bills, meal prepping for the weekend, emptying the fridge and completing the massive task. But all that gets washed away in the first glass of wine you drink the moment you’re home doesn’t it?

Now, instead of leaving all the unpleasant tasks for Sunday night amid panic attacks, start completing them from Friday evening. Once you’re done with it till the clock strikes midnight on Friday, you have all of Saturday and Sunday free to enjoy.

2.    Complete tasks smartly

Do not get over ambitious when trying to get ahead of your chores on Friday evening. Meal preps don’t necessarily mean putting a dozen meals in containers to reheat. Simple chop up veggies for salads, marinate chicken for the Crockpot and the bare minimum for smart meals throughout the week.

3.    No Loose Ends for Monday

A lot of the Sunday scaries come from leaving off too many loose ends to catch up with at work on Monday. Motivate yourself throughout the week to finish every assignment, project, appointment, meeting etc etc. before you leave for home on Friday evening. Heck, even tidy your desk so that you are at peace mentally all weekend.

4.    Make plans, but after fulfilling obligations

Yes, weekends are about fun trips, sleeping in or partying at the clubs. But before you plan an itinerary, make sure you prioritize completing the chores.

The weekend vibes may get you drunk and those tasks and obligations pile up till Sunday night, another room for scaries. Avoid doing that!

5.    Coffee Preps work too

It’s not only meal preps that are helpful, beverage preps are too. When you know you can’t function without your morning java, prepping in advance will ensure you have a cup even on days you’re running late.

So, stock up on necessities during the weekend, including, milk frothers, your favorite syrups, creamer and clean cups etc. Prepping for your favorite caffeine is sure to calm your scaries on a Sunday night.

6.    Unplug from Work

Giving in to the temptation to check your emails, get a head start on reports etc. is only equivalent to feeding your scaries. It is important to totally unplug from work so that you can relax thoroughly, not feel soul-sucked and stressed.

7.    CBD

CBD has worked for many in chasing the Sunday scaries away for good and you should asking your specialist for recommended doses as well.

8.    Make it Special

You deserve some pampering after the grueling week you put in at work. When you do nothing to make yourself feel good, Sunday scaries take root. Beat those away with plans that revive, revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate you over the weekend. Fill in lots of family and friends time if you love that and truly enjoy.

9.    Self-Care Routine

A Sunday self-care routine is also essential. It could be anything that unwinds your frayed nerves and bunched up muscles and melts the scaries away. A hot soak in the tub, a glass of wine with your partner or even a massage is a great start.