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Guess I Have Dry Skin Now— Here’s How to Treat It

While winter’s the most cheerful time of the year, it’s also when you have to start taking care of your body and skin. The temperatures have started dropping significantly, and soon, there will be hefty bursts of snowfalls in different US areas. Is your skin and body ready to face the seasonal changes that occur as you transition from warm to chilly weather? You should know that dry skin is a common occurrence during winter, so you should prepare an arsenal of self-care products.

So, here’s more on how you can deal with dry skin and enjoy the holidays as well.

Top Tips for Relieving Dry Skin as per Dermatologists

Winter brings low temperatures and dry winds. The lack of humidity in the air and harsh dry winds can sap the moisture out of your skin, leading to dryness. Furthermore, as the skin suffers from dehydration, it adversely affects the glands producing important oils underneath the skin. To help you avoid dry skin and stay moisturized, here are some ways that dermatologists propose healthier and not-so-dry winter skin.

  • Massage gently when it comes to taking showers
  • Avoid extremely hot water and consider switching it up with lukewarm
  • Don’t shower excessively as exposure to water or for longer periods can cause flaky and drier skin (as water dissolves the essential oils on the skin)
  • Dry your body gently using a soft towel
  • Apply moisturizer almost instantly after taking a shower and drying off to soothe your skin
  • Get a lip balm according to your taste and preference but make sure it soothes and protects the lips
  • Find the best milky lotions or ointments for your skin by contacting a reliable dermatologist and/or esthetician
  • Keep your clothes away from harsh chemicals containing-detergents and wash liquids
  • Wear comfortable clothing to avoid itchy and irritated skin
  • Avoid sitting directly near a fire such as a solid fireplace with burning wood or open flame as it dries the skin
  • Try to keep your body warm with general heating solutions. This includes wearing warm clothes, drinking hot beverages, and using suitable ointments
  • Contact a trusted and experienced dermatologist/skin specialist if your dry skin condition worsens even with proper treatment and relief practices
  • When using your hands to complete a task that involves exposure to water, don’t forget to wear gloves
  • Keep an extra jacket or coat with you in case it starts raining while you’re outdoors


Did you find these above-mentioned tips worthy of trying this winter? Many expert skin specialists and dermatologists support these tips. It’s important that you look after your skin to enjoy the festivities and celebrations of the holiday season. Besides, you shouldn’t have to worry about your dry skin rather than focusing on ways to make the year-end memorable for you and your family.