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Harry Potter: How I Feel About It 20 Years Later

It has been 20 years now since a young boy named Harry Potter took us on a magical adventure in Hogwarts. Since then, the fan base of Harry Potter dramatically increased. Still, people can’t stop talking about Harry Potter and the 8 movie series.

The first day of the year 2022 was special for Potterheads as Warner Bros. organized a 20-year reunion special. Harry Potter fans around the world were excited about New Year’s Day, not because it was the start of another year, but because of the reunion.

1.     Every Potter Fan Was Once a Wizard

If you are from the potter generation then you would know what “wingardium leviosa” is. Do you still remember all the magical spells from the potter world? Why wouldn’t you, because the movie was brilliantly designed. People still remember the character and even dialogues. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that we were all mentally present in the world of Harry Potter.

2.     The Magical Creatures

Do you remember the three-headed dog named Fluffy, the deathly basilisk, and Aragog the spider? All these creatures, beasts, and animals were created to live inside the wizarding world. The way JK Rowling used her imagination to bring creepy and cute creatures alive and connect emotions to them is simply fascinating. Also, a special shout out to Dobby, the free elf.

3.     Hogwarts is More Than a Set

The way Harry Potter fans remember the secret corridors, heritage, and moving staircase is incredible. On the other hand, when we return to the muggle world everything becomes boring. Admit it, you used to love Hogwarts more than your school, don’t you?

4.     The Breadth of Imagination

From the philosopher stone to the Hogwartz’s castle, everything is merely an imagination. But, Rowling took a major part of the series from real life. She turned normal things into a wizarding parallel universe. For instance, she came up with the idea of Quidditch, from a fight with her brother.

5.     It Gave Us Many Lessons

Throughout the movie serial, there are a plethora of lessons that we learn from Harry Potter. There are numerous incidents of bravery from facing bogarts to killing Voldermort. We can find loyalty, intelligence, and friendship. Talking about loyalty, how can we forget Snape’s action? From the start till his death, we used to believe that he is behind the major setbacks in the movies. But the truth was the opposite. In reality, he was protecting Harry Potter. Didn’t you cry when the actual Snape intention was revealed? We all did.


If you grew up along with that 11 year boy and his friends and dreamt about receiving an invitation letter to join Hogwarts then you will feel the same as they did. Even after the second wizard war, the story continues.