How Long Does a Car Accident Stay on my Record?

Those shopping for car insurances right now can surely expect a low rate. But, only if they’ve maintained the cleaning driving record one can have. It is a fact that the safest drivers are the favorites of insurance companies while those with shifty records may end up with big costs.

However, the good news is that car records do not last on your records forever. You’ll be able to reduce your premium once you understand when accidents clear off your history.

When Accidents Leave Your Records

There is no doubt that car accidents are very scary and stressful. Not only physically, mentally and emotionally but also financially. In addition to dealing with the other entire trauma surrounding your life and body from an accident, you also have to bear the financial burden resultantly.

Your insurance premiums simultaneously increase when you suffer an accident. Can you guess why? Simply because the insurance company now views you as a “high risk” for its business. But you do not need to lose heart just yet: accidental blemishes will disappear from your record with time. You only need to be patient.

The length of time it takes for records to clear depends on how severe your accident was. It also depends on which state you met the accident in. Car laws vary by state and many states have a pint system where they follow traffic violations.

So if you’re a driver that committed an egregious vehicular crime God forbid, you’ll be getting more point for it. In the case of too many points, chances of license suspension altogether are also high. The problem in some states is that their points system is not the kind that indicates the length of time your records will show the accident.

For example, if you’re in California and you commit a DUI offense there, then you can forget about low rates for straight thirteen years because that’s how long your car accident is going to feature in your records. But if you’re in Michigan, the car law is going to be slightly easy on you and they will only hold your accidental offense for two years on your records.

Here is a helpful table to see how long your accident will feature on your records:

  • Minor Accident – For three years
  • First minor accident – For many insurance companies, this is a forgivable incident. If you have had a minor first-time accident, it may likely not show on your records at all.
  • DUI – This offense stays on your record for ten straight years.
  • Hit-and0run – Another accident that occupies a place on your record for ten years.

The best idea is to refer to the local guidelines of your state or get in touch with your local motor vehicle department for specific information regarding your case.

If the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

Not every accident will by purely your fault. Sometimes you just are the victim of another driver who caused it and you simply got unlucky. In such a situation, the accident does enter into your driving record and stays there for the stipulated time but it does not impact your insurance premium.

All you need to do is get your police report copy to serve as evidence of your innocence in the accident.