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How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss?

Maintaining a respectful and productive relationship with your boss is important for your growth and the company’s success. When you intend to initiate a relationship with your boss, you should be aware their goal. One of the most important goals of any boss is to work with hardworking employees. If you help your boss with this goal, they will appreciate your efforts.

Build a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Let’s be honest, you want to have a better relationship with your boss, and here is how you can do that:

1.     Give Your Boss Value

Keep in mind that your boss hired you for a reason. They want you to add value to their company. Bosses want their employees to agree with them as well as solve critical problems and challenges. Thus, you can win their heart by giving reasonable suggestions, showing confidence, and speaking facts. When your suggestions and ideas will result in the company’s growth, your boss will have confidence in your capabilities.

2.     Anticipate Their Challenges

You need to understand the challenges your boss faces every day. You can find solutions for their problems and make their tasks simpler. Sometimes, you have to anticipate their challenges before it occurs. So, when your boss will ask a question about the problem, you have a thoughtful answer supporting a solution. Thinking ahead to help your boos will make you a valuable team member.

Your boss undergoes a plethora of challenges every day. Reducing their problems will make them like you. They have a lot of work that you don’t know about. So, why not simplify the tasks that you know of. Also, if your boss has rude behavior, they might be under a lot of pressure. You should understand their position and make things easier for them.

3.     Learn to Communicate Well

You should learn how your boss wants to communicate with you. Whether they like to receive detailed or one-liner emails, you should keep the communication the way they want. If they ask you to send an outline for a project, you should always send them an outline to give them an overview. You should try to mimic their style and improve your communication skills according to their preference.

4.     Make Your Boss Look Good

Everybody wants to maintain a good reputation in the workplace and this includes your boss as well. So, if you want to make your boss happy, make them look good. Remember, when your boss is happy, they will make you happy. This means that you shouldn’t correct your boss when other employees are around. Making your boss embarrassed in front of others by pointing at their mistakes will make them angry.

5.     Ask for Feedback

Always share feedback about your tasks with your boss. Never think that your manager doesn’t have time for your feedback because they are busy with their tasks. Sharing feedback and progress about your tasks will remove the burden from their shoulders. As a result, they can think straight and stay focused on other tasks. A feedback email will do the trick.


In the end, if you want to build a better relationship with your boss, try to gain their trust. Consider your boss as a mentor and go-to person. Creating a better relationship with your boss will result in business success and rewarding for you as well.