How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Deciding to declare bankruptcy is never an easy choice. It is painful, nerve-wracking, and embarrassing. However, it is ultimately the right choice for millions of people. Why should you declare bankruptcy? There are multiple reasons why it might be the right approach for someone suffering from financial woes. But the biggest reason why someone should declare bankruptcy is because it ends the impossible task of paying off debts you cannot overcome.

In many ways, bankruptcy is giving you a clean slate with your finances and the ability to finally start rebuilding and stop beating back against an endless tide of financial stress. But it can cause a huge hit to your credit. Make no mistake, declaring bankruptcy is one of the worst things you can do for your credit score. However, rebuilding that score isn’t impossible after bankruptcy. There are ways to come back from bankruptcy and have a good credit score again.

Invest in a Credit Product

Have you ever heard of a secured loan or secured credit card? These are just two tools that can greatly help your credit after you declare bankruptcy. These cards and services will slowly build your credit back up. With the secured credit card, you put a deposit into the card and then use it like you would a credit card. It’s your money but you are helping your credit score by spending it. While these cards can be super helpful, they also carry a high interest rate too so be forewarned and be prepared to use the secured credit card for the near future but only the near future.

Practice Good Credit Habits

Once you do land a credit card, secured or not, you need to be extra careful when spending and paying it back. Now is your chance to have good credit habits. The best piece of advice to follow with your new credit card? Pay on time! Don’t spend too much credit, do not overspend and use money you don’t have. Look at these cards as a tools to rebuild credit, not as a way to live lavishly.

Have a Co-Signer Get You a Card or Loan

A co-signer is a great way to get yourself a credit card or loan after you have declared bankruptcy. They will sign off on you and help you get the card of loan and put themselves on the line. That is a big risk they are taking but if you are really serious about staying on top of your finances, it is a choice that will help you and not hurt them in the slightest. Make sure your co-signer is someone you can trust and someone who can trust you. Perhaps a family member or life long friend. A co-signer is a great way to get a new card or loan and that is a major step to starting to rebuild your credit. Once you have secured your card or loan because of the co-signer, make them proud by paying it back on time and show them that you were an investment worth making.