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How To Save Money On Utility Bills This Winter

Winter is cold for a lot of the United States. Winter is known for its snow and ice and below-freezing temperatures. While it can be a beautiful time of year, it can also become expensive.

Utility bills sometimes skyrocket during the cold months. If you want your home to be at a cozy temperature, your furnace may have to work extra hard, raising your bills to all-time highs.

But what if you are on a budget and cannot afford higher winter utility bills? Continue reading below to find out our top ways to save money on your utility bills this winter.

Insulate Your Home

Having a well-insulated home is crucial to keeping your utility bills low. Insulation will keep warm air inside and the cold air outside. Your furnace won’t work as hard to heat up your home when you have well-insulated walls, doors, and windows.

Open Curtains This Winter

This may sound inaccurate, but it is true. Having open curtains in the winter can allow the sun to shine through. The sun is a natural form of heat and can allow your home to warm up during the day. Be sure to close them at night when the sun goes down.

Keep Your Thermostat Lower

If you want lower utility bills you can try keeping your thermostat a degree or two lower. While it may not be as warm as you would like, it will reduce the amount you are spending.

Replace Furnace Filters This Winter

Replacing your furnace filter regularly, especially at the beginning of winter, will help your furnace work properly. You will know when to replace your filter when it has a layer of dust or dirt covering it.

Add Weatherstrips To Doors And Windows

If you add weatherstrips to your doors and windows it can be a great way to lower your utility bills. Weatherstrips will block and breeze or cold air from coming into your house.

Buy A Smart Thermostat

Buying a smart thermostat can help reduce your utility bills as well. The new technology in these thermostats is more accurate and precise than older thermostats. They will regulate your temperature and allow you to set them from your phone.

Check Your Vents This Winter

Sometimes people forget to check their air vents and don’t realize that they are blocked. A blocked air vent won’t allow the warm air from the furnace to be disbursed into your home. Your furnace will have to work double to accommodate the blocked vent.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

During the winter you may enjoy a hot shower. But having your water heater set too high can also mean a higher utility bill. Adjust your water heater’s temperature a few degrees to help save money.

The Take-Away

Although winter can be a more expensive time of year for utilities, it doesn’t have to be. With some adjustments and quick fixes, you can help alleviate the high bills and still be just as cozy and warm.