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How to Stand Out At a New Remote Job

It is very interesting to get a new remote job. While the opportunity feels exciting and big, it can also bring feelings of confusion and nervousness. It is completely okay to feel nervous in new work settings, especially when it’s a remote job. If you are wondering how to grow and stand out while you’re at it, we have a few ways that will help you. Let’s see what you can do to excel in a remote job.

Tip #1 For Remote Jobs

It is as simple as this: if you avoid introductions, you miss out on opportunities at your job. The main reason behind people avoiding introducing themselves is the rejection of fear. However, it is important to understand that introductions specially make a huge difference in remote job settings. This is because remote or hybrid settings do not allow face-to-face interaction opportunities.

The best way to go about it is to practice and continue to introduce you even in days after the first week. You can just practice your opening lines and let the rest of the introduction flow according to the situation.

Remember to make use of the opportunity to introduce yourself whenever a meeting involves new people. Doing so will increase your chances of building relationships that can support you later.

Tip #2

The most you can do during formal meetings is to give an introduction. While it is good and makes a positive overall difference, they are still not sufficient. It is best that you try to build a connection with each of your colleagues.

For this, you can try to plan informal meetings as you can’t really talk to them outside of the formal setting of your remote job. Not only will such post-meeting interactions help you create relationships, but you will also feel more connected to your job and become more knowledgeable this way.

What’s more? Along with feeling connected and gaining knowledge about your job, you can gain knowledge about other opportunities outside of your job. For instance, you can ask your colleagues about what projects they’re working on and what companies they’re connected with.

Tip #3 For Remote Jobs

This tip is all about keeping your manager updated and briefed on what you’re doing. If you want to excel and be the best employee, ensure that your manager knows how hard you’re working. You can do this at the end of each week by contacting them through email or chat, whatever feels more convenient for the both of you.

What’s most important about this tip is that you remind your manager of how things are going. This will also act as a reminder of all your achievements and improvements as an employee. However, first, ensure that you’re not doing it unexpectedly.

Try to build a connection first and ask for permission to talk about your performance. Chances are, they would like to be on board with how well you’re doing. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek help.


If you strictly follow the tips, you will surely see a difference in how well you connect, even with a remote job. Not only this, in a matter of just a little time, you will also begin to experience the benefits.