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How To Turn Your Car Into A Tiny Camper

With the prices of hotels and flights on the rise, many people have chosen to begin traveling with their own car both for transportation and housing. It’s a simple and quick way to travel and keep all your belongings in the same place. Even if you have a small car, you can turn it into a camper and use it for your upcoming travels. Learn how with this complete guide!

Pack Your Things

This might seem like a step to do after you have turned the car into a camper, but it’s actually a better idea to do it before you start transforming your car. If you pack everything first, you will be able to see how much space your items take up in the car and how much space you have leftover.

Make a Seat Extender for the Trunk Of Your Car

Folding down the seats gives you extra space in the back that will allow you to pack more things. Many cars have seats that fold down completely flat and then you place a mattress or other sleeping surface right on top.

Making a seat extender is an easy DIY project that involves placing a piece of wood or other flat surfaces across the seats to give you a stable and flat surface to sleep. You can also buy car extenders from places like Amazon and Walmart if you don’t want to make them yourself.

Male sure you attach the extender to the seats or the headrests on the front seats. You can use simple straps and tie them around the headrests. This gives your sleeping surface a stable and fixed place.

Use Storage Bins for Packing In Your Car

Although you might be used to packing with suitcases or bags, storage bins are much better for cars. They can stack on top of each other much easier which will allow you to make more use of space. Stacking them in clear containers will also allow you to see what’s inside easily so you don’t have to move every box and rummage through them all when you need something.

Use Memory Foam

Some people are tempted to put a mattress into the back of the car, but this isn’t the best option for space reasons, although it might be the most comfortable. Memory foam can be just as comfortable as a mattress though and will be able to roll up and give you more room in the back of the car.

You can also buy a sleeping pad from a camping store to save space. You will need to inflate it when you are ready to sleep through.

Personalize and Enjoy your Time

Add special touches to the camper like sheets from home, colorful pillows, or a soft blanket. You can also bring along small items like books and photos to decorate the camper and have things that remind you of home while you are traveling.

Adhesive hooks on the side of the car can be great places to hang small lamps or photos.