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Keep the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

Nothing compares to the thrill, the excitement, the butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling of a new romance. Everything turns into moonlight and roses in your world when you have only begun dating your soulmate. But what happens once the newness of the relationship wears off and your spark begins to dim?

You make weekend plans-grand ones. You plan surprises for one another to rekindle the fires of passion and the thrill of romance. And here’s how you can do that:

1. Plan a Surprise

A surprise date? But you’ve already heard that idea so many times before. So what? It doesn’t lessen the thrill and excitement of coming home from work on a Friday night to a candlelit room and dozens of rose petals lining the way to a cozy romantic set up for two.

2. Make Reservations at His/ Her Favorite Restaurant

Who can ever not feel delighted at such an unexpected treat? If he/she is fond of steaks, lobsters, or pasta, treat them to their favorite restaurant this weekend.

3. Plan a Romantic Picnic

Nothing rekindles passion and romance more than a picnic in the woods or at the beach, or somewhere in the mountains. Some mouthwatering al fresco food and chilled beverages would complete the fun.

4. Explore Your Hometown

When was the last time you both turned tourists? Remember the fun of hopping through colorful streets, trying a dozen delicious street foods, and just sightseeing? Plan them this week with some hometown exploration.

5. Give them a Spa Treatment at Home

Trust us, lathering your beloved in essential oils, perfumed massage creams with candlelight rose petals, and soft music will turn up the heat.

6. A Dance Class For a Little Romance

Is there a weekend dance class for couples coming up? Book yourself and your partner for it. Some rock n roll, Zumba, or even Waltzing can sizzle up the chemistry.

7. Plan a Movie Night in Your Backyard

Do you have a cute little yard in your home? Well, turn it into a romantic, open-air theatre for two this weekend. Spend the night watching romantic movies under the star and live some magic of your own.

8. Organize a Romantic Treasure Hunt

Leave a trail of romantic, naughty love notes for your partner. Lead them to a surprise (you all decked up) as the treasure hunt surprise. You can let the mood decide the rest.

9. Dance the Night Away

No, you don’t need to head to a crowded club for that. Set your sound system up, dim the lights, and put your favorite songs on a roll. Then take him/her in your arms and dance the weekend away.

10. Cook them a Grand Breakfast

Why not surprise your partner with his/her favorite breakfast? Sacrifice your sleep on Saturday morning and whip up a batch of their favorite breakfast muffins. Present it in bed with a bouquet of roses to sweeten the treat even more.